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Keyword [Supply Chain]
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1. Research On Performance Evaluation Of Product Cold Chain Logistics In China
2. Research On Structure Choice And Coordination Model Of Closed-loop Supply Chain Based On Remanufacturing
3. The Research On Mass Customization Supply Chain Operation Mechanism
4. Study Of Supply Chain Inventory And Pricing Problems Under Environment Of Uncertainty
5. Research On The Production, Quality And Safety In Food Supply Chain
6. Coodination Strategies In Intermodal Freight Virtual Enterprise Logistics Supply Chain
7. Researches About Resource Allocation From The Efficiency Viewpoint
8. A Coordination Mechanism Based On Joint Contract Of Supply And Inventory Financing For Apparel Supply Chain
9. Collaborative Decision-making Mechanism Of Fruits And Vegetables Green Supply Chain
10. Research On Optimization Of Agricultural Products Logistics System Based Supply Chain Of Northern Xinjiang
11. Collaborative Optimization Of Shipping Logistics Service Supply Chain
12. Research On Several Marketing Problems With Durable Goods In Dual-channel Supply Chains
13. Research On Supply Chain Network Competitive Models And Its Applications Based On Game Theory
14. Research On The Group Supply Chain Inventory Decision Based On Time-varying Demand
15. Study On Mechanism Of Supply Chain Partnership Fatigue
16. Research On Pricing And Coordination Mechanism Of Closed-loop Supply Chain Under Government Intervention
17. Applying The Three Stages Supplv Chain Dea Cooperative Model For Evaluating
18. Research On Vendor-managed Inventory Supply Chain Contract Based On Variability Of Demand
19. Study On Financial Supply Chain Risk Management
20. Research On Trade Credit As A Supply Chain Coordination Mechanism
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