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Keyword [Supply Chain Coordination]
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1. The Research On Mass Customization Supply Chain Operation Mechanism
2. Research On Trade Credit As A Supply Chain Coordination Mechanism
3. Study On The Supply Chain Coordination With Asymmetric Cost Information And Asymmetric Capacity Information
4. Technology Licensing Policy For The Incumbent Enterprise Under Different Market Structures And Competitive Modes
5. Supply Chain Coordination With Stochastic Demand Under Consignment Contract
6. Research On Closed-Loop Supply Chain Coordination With Contracts Under Normal And Disrupting Environments
7. Pricing And Contracts In The Presence Of Consumer Behavior
8. Study On Operational Decisions Of Enterprises And Supply Chain Coordination Under The Low Carbon Economy
9. Research On OEM Supply Chain Coordination Models And Mechanisms In Environments Of Hybrid Channel And Brand Premium
10. Supply Chain Decisions And Coordination Under Different Carbon Emission Policies
11. Global Supply Chain Coordination Mechanism Based On Exchange Rate Uncertainty
12. Research On Supply Chain Coordination And Optimization Contracts Based On Computational Experiment
13. Research On The Production Decision Of Multi-product Firms And Supply Chain Coordination Under Low-carbon Policies
14. Returns Management In A Supply Chain With Service Reducing Consumer Mismatching
15. Research On Coordination Strategy And Innovation In Centivemodels Of Telecom Industry Supply Chain
16. Research On The Model Construction And Coordination Mechanism Of Telecom Supply Chains
17. Research On Two-warehouse Inventory Optimization And Supply Chain Coordination For A Short-life-cycle Product
18. Inter-Temporal Pricing For Perishable Product And Supply Chain Coordination With Considering Customer Behavior
19. Three - Level Supply Chain Coordination Of Fresh Agricultural Products Based On Auction Market
20. Disruption Management In Supply Chain
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