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Keyword [Supply Chain Performance]
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1. Applying The Three Stages Supplv Chain Dea Cooperative Model For Evaluating
2. Joint Ordering And Pricing Policy And Technology Innovation Strategy Under Supply Uncertainty
3. The Impact Of Market Value On Supply Chain Performance Under Asymmetric Quality Cost Information
4. Research On The Decisions On The Optimal MOQ Of Supply Chain From The Perspectiveof Marketing
5. Research On The Potential Benefits Of E-procurement And Supply Chain Performance:Empirical Evidence From Chinese Manufacturers
6. Study On Performance Evaluation System Of Supply Chain
7. Research On Supply Chain Performance Measurement System For Pharmarceutical Industry In China
8. Uncertainty-oriented Supply Chain Performance Optimization Technology Research
9. Research On The Dynamic Supply Chain Performance Measurement Methods
10. Research On Supply Chain Partnership Management And Its Impact On Supply Chain Performance
11. The Research On Performance Of Supply Chain And Its Improvements In Aeronautic Weapon Manufacturing
12. Research On Supply Chain Flexibility Evolution And The Relationship Between Supply Chain Flexibility And Performance
13. The Multidimensional Evaluation Research On Supply Chain Performance
14. The Influence Factors Of Supply Chain Collaboration Based On Partnership
15. A Research Of B2C Unreasonable Return Policy Based On Customer Behavior
16. Research On Operation Mode Of The Pig Green Supply Chain And Overall Performance
17. An Empirical Study On The Impact Of Supply Chain Integration On Firm Performance
18. Study On The Application Of SD-BSC To Supply Chain Performance Evaluation
19. Study On The Performance Evaluation Of The Supply Chain
20. The Essence And Design Of Supply Chain Performance Measurement System
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