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Keyword [Technical Efficiency]
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1. Performance Study Of Forestry Industrial Clusters For Heilongjiang State-owned Forest Regions
2. Wheat Production Growth Pattern And Behavior Of Demand For Factors In China
3. Fiscal Decentralization, Government Governance And China’s Economic Growth
4. Middle Income Trap:Theory, Experience And China’s Development Path
5. Study On Non-agricultural Use Of Agricultural Water Resources And Benefit Compensation Mechanism
6. Empirical Research On The Influence Factors Of Local Government Expenditure Behavior
7. Impact Of Non-agricultural Income On Agricultural Production
8. The Impact Of Farm Households’ Concurrent Business On Rice Production
9. Study On The Improving Strategies Of Technical Efficiency Of Agricultural Products Logistics In China
10. Calculation On Three-stage Efficiency And Research On Improving Path Of Biological Agriculture In China
11. The Innovative Efficiency And Path For High-tech Industries In China
12. Research On The Economic Status Evaluation And Comparison Of The Technical Efficiency For Construction Industry In Guangdong Province
13. Rice Production Behavior Adjustment And Production Efficiency Under Rapid Transformation:
14. Study On Hog Industrial Organization In Shandong Province
15. Study On Two-stage Efficiency Evaluation Of China’s Iron And Steel Enterprises Under Restrictions Of Resource And Environment
16. Impacts Of Taxi Hailing Apps On Taxi Drivers’ Behavioral Decision And Operation Performance:An Integrated View Of Technical Efficiency And AllocativeEfficiency
17. Empirical Research On The Production Behaviors And Efficiency Of Households Of Different Scales
18. A Study On Firm Growth Based On Corporate Governance
19. Research On The Impact Of Urbanization On The Technical Efficiency Of Grain Production In China
20. Comparative Research On The Governance Mode Of Urban Public Transport Service
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