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Keyword [Tunneling and Propping]
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1. The Study On Merger And Acquisition Of The Listed Companies Based On The Split Share Structure Reform
2. Corporate Governance And Tunneling And Propping Of Major Shareholders
3. The Study On Corporate Capital Allocation Decision And Efficiency Embedded In Internal Capital Markets In Groups
4. Tunneling And Propping From Controlling Shareholders
5. The Formation Reason And Influence Of Pyramidal Structure: A Case Study Of China
6. A Study On The Effects Of Debt Contacts To Tunneling And Propping Of Large Shareholders
7. Restructuring And Earnings Quality-an Empirical Study Based On Tunneling And Propping Perspective
8. Research On The Controlling Shareholders' Behaviors Of Tunneling And Propping In Listed Companies
9. An Empirical Study On Private Placement And Asset Injection In Terms Of Tunneling And Propping
10. Listed Companies The Largest Shareholder After The Transfer Of Control Of The Transfer Of Benefits
11. Study On The Actual Controller’s Behavior Of Tunneling And Propping
12. Reseach On Influence Factors Of Controlling Shareholders’ Tunneling And Propping Behavior
13. Tunneling And Propping Of Controlling Shareholders
14. Tunneling And Propping:Based On The Perspective Of M&A Financing Risk
15. The Empirical Research On The Major Shareholder’s Tunneling And Propping Behavior Of Listed Company In China
16. The Research Of The Impact Of Institutional Ownership On The M&A Activities Of Chinese Listed Company
17. The Research On The Relationship Of Corporate Governance Structure And The Major Shareholder’s Tunneling And Propping Behavior
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