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1. The Empirical Study On The Patterns Of Asset Price Volatility
2. Investor Sentiment And Its Effect On Stock Returns
3. Endogenous Market Volatility Based On Rational Heterogeneous Beliefs
4. Housing Market Equilibrium And Price Volatility Risk
5. Research On Short-sale Impact On Market Volatility And Inherent Mechanism
6. Nonparametric Model Of The Financial Asset Price Volatility And Its Application Research
7. Study On The Effect Of Foreign Shareholders On China’s Stock Market Volatility
8. The Measurement Of Financial Extreme Risk Based On SV And EVT Models
9. The Reasons Of China’s Export Locked-in
10. Research On Calculation Of Commercial Bank’s Credit Risk Based On Kmv Model
11. Empirical Research On The Relationship Between Stock Index Futures Market And Stock Market
12. Option Pricing Under A Class Of Local-stochastic Volatility Models
13. Research On The Yield Volatility Of Exchange Corporate Bond
14. A Study On The Impacts Of International Commodity Price Volatility To Developing Countries
15. Option Pricing For Stochastic Volatility Models With Jumps
16. An Analyse On The Impact Of RMB’s Exchange Rate Volatility On China’s Import And Export Trade
17. Uncertainty Of Model’s Parameters And Exogeneous Shocks And Its Macroeconomic Effects
18. A Study On Spillover Effect And Price Discovery Of RMB Spot And Forward Exchange Rates
19. Researches On Investor Sentiment And Assets Pirce Volatility
20. Hospitality Operating Risk Measure And Influencing Factors
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