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1. Research On The Influence Of Spiritual Leadership On The Innovation Behavior Of Employees - The Moderating Effect Of Core Self - Evaluation
2. A Study On Relationship Between Core Self-Evaluation And Job Satisfaction In China Situations
3. The Empirical Research Of Voice Behavior In China Organization Situation
4. Research On The Relationship Among The Core Self-evaluation, Coping Style And The Subjective Well-being
5. A Study On The Relationship Between Leadership Authorization And Employee 's Work
6. The Influence Of Organizational Career Management On Employee 's Work
7. The Relationship Between Job Core Self-evaluation,Work Attribution Style And Job Satisfaction
8. The Empirical Study Of Job Burnout Based On Core Self Evaluation And JD-R
9. The Study Of The Relationship Between Employees Core Self-evaluations And Communication Satisfaction
10. Migrant Workers’ Part-time Or Full-time Entrepreneurial Intention: The Role Of Job Security And Core Self-evaluations
11. A Study On The Effects Of Public Attitudes Toward Burnout Of Urban Management Officer
12. The Research On The Relationship Among Tour Guide Core Self-evaluation, Emotional Intelligence And Job Burnout
13. The Effect Of Challenge Stressor-Hindrance Stressor On Turnover Intentions:Mediating Effect Of Anxiety And Organizational Commitment
14. An Empirical Study On The Relationship Between Core Self Evaluation,Goal Orientation And Individual Creativity
15. The Influence Of The Sales Staff's Core Self-evaluation On Turnover Intention: A Moderated Mediation Model
16. The Core Self-evaluation Impact On Employee Engagement Study
17. The Effects Of Empowering Leadership On Employees' Job Crafting
18. The Relationship Between Organizational Commitment And Task Performance Of 90 Knowledge Workers
19. A Study Of The Influence Mechanism Of Authentic Leadership On Individual Initiative Of Employees-the Regulated Mediating Model
20. Study On Marketing Strategy Of MACT Brand
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