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1. Research On The Influence Of Customer-to-Customer Interaction On Service Purchase Intention In E-Commerce Logistics Service
2. Research On The Development And Coordination Mechanism Of China Express Industry Under The Background Of E-Commerce
3. Research On Governance And Competition Policy Of E-Commerce Vertical Relationship
4. Design And Optimization Strategy For Distribution Center Of E-commerce
5. Study On Global Marketing Strategy For Traditional Chinese Medicine And Health Food In China As Food Supplement
6. Factors Affecting Adoption Of Electronic Commerce Among Small Medium Enterprises In Tanzania
7. Research On Multi-item Double Auction Mechanism Design And Fuzzy Game Theory
8. Research On Synergetic And Competitive Mechanism Of E-commerce Ecological Chains
9. Research On Information Display Moral Anomie Of Online Business In E-commerce Platform
10. Research On Evolutionary Mechanisms Of E-commerce Market Network Based On Self-organization Theory
11. Research Of E-commerce Trust Problem Based On Expanded Subjective Logic
12. Study On Customer Value And Competitive Advantage Of E-commerce Website Under Consumer Perspective
13. Revenue Management Of Hotels Under Cooperation With Online Travel Agencies
14. Study On Herding Effect Of Working Mechanism In E-Commerce Operations
15. Researches On Contextualized Recommendation Model Oriented Customer Continuous Purchase Problem In E-Commerce Platform
16. Research On The Shopping Trust Of Fresh Produce Under E-commerce Environment
17. Pricing Strategies For EC Platforms Considering Charateristics Of Subject Behavior
18. Personalized Recommendation Strategies And Application For E-Commerce User In Complex Context
19. Empirical Study On China‚Äôs Retail Enterprises O2O E-commerce Adoption Behavior
20. Research On E-commerce Platform Competition And Business Model Based On Time-Spatial Perspective
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