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1. The Empirical Study On The Patterns Of Asset Price Volatility
2. An Empirical Study Of The Impact Of Inclusive Leadership On Employee Attitudes And Behavior
3. Studies On Portfolio Selection Problems With Different Risk Measuresand Trading Constraints
4. An Theory And Empirical Study On Banks-SMEs Relationship Interface State And SMEs Credit Availability
5. Empirical Study On The Industrial-Financial Combination Of Chinese Iron And Steel Enterprise Group
6. The Measurement And The Forming Mechanism Of Real Estate Bubbles:Theoretical Model And Empirical Study
7. Governance Structure Of Farmer Specialized Cooperatives:Theoretic And Empirical Study
8. Empirical Study On The Driving Mechanism Of Chinese Mining CSR From Organizational Legitimacy Perspective
9. An Empirical Study Of Entrepreneurial Network And Business Model Content Innovation
10. The Entrepreneurs’ Psychological Capital In New Ventures:an Empirical Study Of Efficiency And An Extention Of Development Model
11. Theoretical And Empirical Study Of China’s Investment Behabior In Transition Period
12. Theoretical And Empirical Study On Associated Structures Of Geo-economic Region System
13. An Empirical Study On Growth Path Of Chinese New Ventures
14. Theoretical And Simulation Empirical Study On Urban Real Estate Regulation
15. The Empirical Study On Trade Effect Of US Antidumping Action
16. Empirical Study Of The Impact Of Fiscal And Monetary Policy To The Stability Growth Of China’s Economy
17. Theoretical And Empirical Study On Regional Industrial Structure Based On Complex Network Theory
18. An Empirical Study On The Status Evaluation And Systematical Reform Of The Two-track Pension System
19. An Empirical Study On The Knowledge Spillovers And Imbalanced Distribution Of FDI In China
20. Fiscal Capacity Of Local Governments In China: Theoretical And Empirical Study
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