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1. Research On Comprehensive Risk Evolution Mechanism And Management System Of State-owned Coal Enterprise
2. Research On Evolution Of Forestry Industry Niche Of Northeast State-Owned Forest Region
3. AStudy On The Effect Of Market Structure Of Service Industry And Institutional Environment On Servicizing Of Industrial Structure
4. Study On The Effect Of Moderate Leadership On Orgnizatioanl Leadership Development And Evolution Mechanism
5. Research On The Evolution Mechanism And Development Strategy Of Network Information Ecological Chain
6. Research On Evolutionary Mechanisms Of E-commerce Market Network Based On Self-organization Theory
7. Study On Evolution Mechanism And Evolution Model Of Logistics Network
8. Evolution Mechanism And Economic Effects Of Urban Space Based On The Value Chain Theory
9. Empirical Research On Dynamic Evolution Of Innovation Efficiency-Based On Chinese High-tech Industry
10. Study On Evolution Of Spatial Structure And Spatial Integration In Wuhan Metropolitan Circle
11. A Study On Evolution And Governance Mechanism Of Land Conflicts In The Process Of China‚Äôs Urbanization
12. The Evolution Mechanism Study Of The Third Industrial Revolution Based On The Perspective Of Human Capital
13. The Process Analysis And Evolution Mechanism Research Of Technological Progress
14. Industrial Agglomeration And Urban Economic Structural Change: Evolution Mechanism And Empirical Research
15. Evolution Mechanism & Integration Path Of Tourism Industrial Chain
16. Research On Evolution Mechanism And Service Mode Of Regional Science And Technology Resource Sharing Platform
17. Research On The Competitiveness Evolution Mechanism And Competitiveness Cultivation Of Manufacturing Enterprises Based On Dynamic Synergy
18. Analysis Of Evolution Mechanisms And Dynamic Characteristics Of Service-oriented Manufacturing Information Systems
19. Study Of Theoretical Analysis And Practical Paradigm Of Modern Agricultural Business Alliance
20. The Research On The Evolution Mechanism Of Forest Product Industry Eco-industry Chain And Its Effectiveness Evaluation
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