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Keyword [fiscal decentralization]
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1. Fiscal Decentralization, Government Governance And China’s Economic Growth
2. The Research On Fiscal Decentralization,Spatial Spillover And The Provision Of Public Goods In China
3. The Study On The Impact Of China’s Fiscal Decentrialization System On Economic Development
4. A Study On Causes And Governance Of Local Government Land Financial Problems In China
5. Study On The Economic Effects Of Fiscal Policies On Industrial Structure Adjustment
6. Study On Policy Effect Of The Government Subsidy Of Listed Chinese Enterprises
7. Research On Effective Supply Of Rural Public Goods Under The Perspective Of Fiscal Decentralization
8. An Economic Analysis Of Chinese Fiscal Decentralization Reform
9. Tradeoff Between Fiscal Decentralization And Centralization, Regional Economic Balanced Growth In China
10. Research On Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations And Effects Evaluation Between The Central And Local Governments In China
11. Risk Evaluation Of The Deficit Fiscal Policy
12. An Empirical Study On The Effect Of Intergovernmental Transfer Payments On The Income Gap Between Urban And Rural Areas
13. Study On Fiscal Decentralization, Fiscal Policy Of Supporting Agriculture And Food Production
14. China's Dual-finance Structure In The Process Of Economic Transition
15. The Problem Of Fiscal Decentralization In Economic Transition In China
16. The Influence Of Local Government Investment On Economic Growth And Employment During The Economy Transition Period Of China
17. Research On Governmental Crossing Decision-Making Authorities And Fiscal Incentive Mechanism
18. Research On Provision Of Local Public Goods Of Fiscal Decentralization System In China
19. Research The Economic Effect Of China's Fiscal Policies
20. Fiscal Decentralization, Local Government's Behaviours And Regional Economic Growth
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