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1. A Study On The Relationship Between Supervisor-subordinate Guanxi To Subordinate Career Growth
2. A Research About The Mechanism Of Supervisor-subordinated Guanxi Influencing Career Growth And Work Engagement About The Middle Managers
3. Research On Factors Influencing Knowledge Sharing Of Industry Technology Innovation Alliance
4. Research On The Relationship Of Entrepreneural Orientation, Guanxi Utilization And Ventures’ Performance Under The Background Of Transitional Economy
5. Human Relations Capital And Enterprise Growth
6. Research On Multilevel Decision-making Mechanisms Of New Venture Growth
7. The Dual Human Resource Management And Its Effects In China
8. A Study On The Choice Of Cross - Cultural Integration Model Of Multinational Corporations In China
9. An Empirical Study On Relationship Between Guanxi And Power In Context Of Business Relationship Dissolution
10. Heterogeneity Of New Venture Team And Performance Based On Guanxi Orientation: The Mediating Of Team Conflict
11. Influence Of "Guanxi" Culture On Considering Elements Of Partnership Venturing Partner Selection
12. Achieving Knowledge Sharing Outcomes Through The Activation Of Social Capital In Virtual Communities
13. Staff Relations, Communication Studies, Its Role In The Mechanism Of Knowledge Sharing And Knowledge Integration
14. Small And Medium-sized Private Business Owners, Social Network Research
15. Personality And Performance Of The Five Geographic Perspective Based On Oriental Management Research
16. A Study On The Impact Of Employee Guanxi Upon Knowledge Sharing
17. Impacts Of Leader-Member Guanxi On Employees' Work Attitude In Chinese Private Enterprises
18. The Role Of Guanxi Quality In Relationship Marketing
19. Study On Influential Factors Of Channel Alliance Relationship
20. A Study On Commercial Guanxi Concept In The Chinese Local Culture Context
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