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1. Studies On The Relationship Among The Knowledge Staffs’ Cognitive Biases, Job Satisfaction And Turnover Intention In The New High-tech Enterprises
2. Study On Key Factors Of High-tech Entrepreneurship
3. Research On Comprehensive Risk Management And Technology Innovation Of High - Tech Enterprises
4. Venture Capital Investment And Technological Innovation Of High-tech Enterprises
5. The Research On High-Tech Enterprises Cooperative R&D Networks And Its Coordination Management
6. Research On The Development Of New High-Tech Enterprises And Strategy Selection Of Capital Market
7. Study On Technology Diffusion And Location Of High-tech Enterprises
8. Research On Incentive Portfolio Of Key Knowledge Workers In High-tech Enterprises
9. The Research On Technological Standard-based Technological Innovation Network Of High-Tech Enterprises
10. Research On The Formatting Mechanism Of High-tech Enterprises' Performance Based On The Intellectual Capital
11. An Innovative Study Of Strategic Management Patterns In High-tech Enterprises
12. A Research On Comprehensive Innovation Of High-tech Enterprises
13. Study On The Incentive Mechanism Of Knowledge Worker In High-Tech Enterprises
14. The Evaluation Of High-Tech Enterprises' Value Grounded By Value Based Management
15. Theoretic And Empirical Study On Employee-Organization Dynamic Fit In High-Tech Enterprises
16. A Research Into High-tech Enterprise Investment Decision-making Based On Real Options
17. Research On Core Competence Evaluation Of The High-tech Enterprises
18. Research On Influence Of Technology Spillovers Of FDI On Technological Innovation Of High-tech Enterprises
19. Research On The Evaluation Of The Investment Value Of New High-tech Enterprises
20. Study On The Mechanism And Model Of The Growth Of High-tech Enterprises Based On Technology Core Competence
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