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1. Study On The Development Of Industry In Jinzhai County Of Lu’an City
2. Jinzhai County In Anhui Rural Finance Reform Practice Research
3. Model Study Of Development In Low-slope Hilly Resource Based On GIS Technology
4. Study On Evaluation Of Ecological Suitability And Exploitation Of Low-slope Hilly Region Based On GIS
5. The Mountainous Area Residents' Livelihood Capital Research Based On The SLA
6. Research On Comprehensive Reform Of Rural Finance In Jinzhai County
7. The Study On Layout Optimization Of Rural Settlement In Jinzhai County Based On The Perspective Of Countryside Residential Land
8. Research On The Implementation Mechanism Of Tourism Accurate Poverty Alleviation
9. Study On The Countermeasure Of Poverty Alleviation In Jinzhai County
10. Evaluation Research Of Land Ecological Security Based On Practice In Jinzhai County
11. Research On The Operation Mechanism Of Accurate Tourism Poverty Alleviation In Jinzhai County
12. Empirical Research On The Influencing Factors Of Targeted Poverty Alleviation In Jinzhai County
13. Community Participation In Tea Culture Tourism In Jinzhai County:Identification Of Main Influencing Factors And Countermeasures
14. The Influence Of Farmers' Homestead Compensation Exit Behavior Based On Perceived Value Theory
15. Research On The Reform Of Rural Land Acquisition System
16. Study On The Reform Of Homestead System In Poverty-stricken Areas Under The Background Of Rural Revitalization Strategy
17. Research On The Countermeasures Of Development Of Small And Medium-sized Enterprises Supported By Jinzhai County Government
18. Study On The Countermeasures Of Present Industrial Poverty Alleviation Of Jinzhai County
19. The Effect Of Farmers' Behavior Of Quitting Rural Residential Land On The Welfare Of Farmers Based On The Perspective Of Farmers' Differentiation
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