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1. Study On Effects Of Macroeconomic Variables On Chinese Stock Market Price Behavior
2. The Introduction Of Macroeconomic Policy Variables The Term Structure Of Interest Rates Microscopic Study
3. Transmission Of Information Of Interest Rate Term Structure
4. An Empirical Analysis Of The Expectation Effect On Some Chinese Macroeconomic Variables
5. A Research On The Relationship Between Stock Price And Macroeconomic Variables Based On Vector Autoregression Model
6. A Connection Research Of Chinese Futures Index And Macroeconomic
7. Study On Macroeconomic Variables Affect The Price Of China's Stock Market
8. Positive Testing For Relationship Of Chinese Stock Market Index And Macroeconomic Operation
9. The Association Study On Main Macroeconomic Variables And Fluctuation Of Business Cycle Among China, Japan And Korea
10. Empirical Study On Relations Of Shanghai Stock Index And Macroeconomic Variables In China
11. Empirical Research On Economic Fluctuations Of China's Key Macroeconomic Variables
12. Empirical Study Of The Relationship Between Stock Index And Macroeconomic Variables
13. Macroeconomic Variables And The Measurement Of The Relationship Between The Dow Jones China Offshore 50 Index
14. Agricultural Futures Price Index And The Volatility Of Macroeconomic Variables
15. Stock Index And Macroeconomic Variables Co-relationship Of The Empirical Analysis
16. The Empirical Study Of The Relationship Between China's Macro-economic Variables And The Stock Market
17. Study Of Relationship Between Stock Market And Macroeconomic Variables
18. The Interaction Effect Relationship Analysis Of Macroeconomic Variables And Construction Cost
19. The Relationship Between The Term Structure Of Interest Rates And Key Macroeconomic Variables
20. The Research Of The Relationship Between China‚Äôs Real Estate Development And The Fluctuation Of The Macroeconomy
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