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1. Workgroup Pay Dispersion And Employees’Psychological Outcomes:Individual Differences,Contextual Boundaries,and The Underlying Mechanisms
2. Research On The Effect Of Employment Relationship Mode On Employees’ Attitudes
3. Reducing Voluntary Turnover Rate Of Dispatched Workers In IT Industry By Six Sigma DMAIC Process
4. A Integrated Research Of Employee Unethical Proorganizational Behavior’s Antecedents And Consequences
5. An Empirical Study Of The Influence Of Employee’s Meta-Mood On Service Performance
6. The Study Of How Organizational Culture Influence Employee’ Career Growth And Organizational Commitment
7. Research On The Relationship Between Corporate Welfare, Job Involvement And Organizational Commitment Of Employee In Hospitality Industry
8. The Impacts Of Performance Appraisal On Organizational Commitment And OCB
9. A Study Of Relationship Between Career Plateau, Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment And Turnover Intention Of Business Managers
10. The Empirical Research Of The Relationship Between Big Five Personality,Job Attitude And Contextual Performance
11. Chinese Knowledge-workers' Perceived Organizational Support And Its Influence On Their Job Performance And Turnover Intention
12. A Study Of Relationships Between The Transformational Leadership And Leadership Performance: Perspectives Of Business Leaders From Mainland China And Taiwan
13. Theory And Practice Of Human Resource
14. An Empirical Study Of The Impact Of Psychological Contract On Knowledge Workers' Turnover Intention In Star-Rated Hotels
15. Study On The Imapcting Mechanism Of Transformational Leadership On Employee Behavior
16. The Impact Of Knowledge Workers' Organizational Justice On Work Performance
17. The Impact Mechanism Of Career Growth On Employees' Commitment And Turnover
18. A Study On Resource Allocation Process And Pathway Of Strategy Formation For Chinese Firms
19. A Theoretical And Empirical Research Based On Psychological Motivation
20. The Relationship Between Organizational Commitment, Job Satisfaction And Service Quality Of Service Employees
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