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1. An Empirical Research On The Effects Of Paternalistic Leadership On Employees' Voice Behavior
2. The Impact Of Organization Fairness Perception And Transformational Leadership On Subordinates' Trust In Leader
3. An Empirical Research On The Relationship Of Proactive Personality, Organizational Socialization Tactics And Newcomer Proactive Behaviors
4. Research On Employee's Adaptive Performance And The Factors Impact On It In Changing Times
5. The Influence Of Proactive Personality On Chinese Enterprise Staff Work Performance
6. The Impact Of Proactive Personality And Work Motivation On Innovative Spirit Of Employees
7. Study In The Influence Of Proactive Personality On Enterprise Employees Organization Socialization
8. Antecedents And Mechanism Of Voice: When And Why Employees Speak Up
9. Proactive Personality And Creative Performance Of Employees:The Mediating Effect Of Self-Efficiency
10. An Emprical Study On Career Resilience's Affcting Factors And Effect
11. The Impact Of Intrinsic Motivation To Emplovee Creativity
12. Study On Newcomers' Proactive Personality And Extra-role Behavior During Socialization
13. The Influence Of Organizational Career Management On Employee Engagement
14. The Study On The Influence Of Organizational Socialization Tactics And Proactive Personality On University Graduates' Innovative Behaviors
15. Study On The Impact Of Organizational Justice On Employee Creativity
16. The Empirical Research On The Relationship Between Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy And Entrepreneurial Intention Of University Students
17. Study On The Relationship Between Individual Performance And Initiative In Leaderless Group Discussion
18. Financial Enterprises Adaptive Performance Evaluation System Construction
19. Effect Of Perceived Organizational Support And Proactive Personality On Organizational Commitment For Returned Knowledge Workers
20. Study On Team Leader Empowering Behavior:Antecedents And Influencing Mechanism On Team Performance
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