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Keyword [regional economic]
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1. Research On Regional Economic Differences Based On The Transmission Mechanism Of Human Capital
2. The Institution Research Of Regional Economic Coordinated Development About China
3. Research On Regional Economic Development Of Mongolia
4. An Analysis On Convergence Of China’s Regional Economic Growth
5. Spatial Knowledge Spillovers Effects Under Regional Economic Sustainable Development Perspective
6. The Mechanism Of Regional Economic Multipoles Growth
7. Study On The Chinese-style Decentralization And Regional Economic Performance
8. Regional Economic Integration Based On The Region’s Industrial Chain Perspective
9. Study On The Regional Economic Development Of The Prefecture-level City In Shandong Province
10. Production Outsourcing And Regional Economic Cooperaton:Theoty And Empirical Research
11. Research On The Capability Of Regional Economic Sustainable Development
12. A Study On The Cooperation Dilemma Among Chinese Local Governments And Its Solutions In The Development Of Regional Economy
13. Study On The Urban Macro-differential Land Rent And Its Regulation
14. Study On The Correlation Of Regional Economic And Creative Ability Development With Talent Resource Structure
15. The Structure Of The East Asian Regional Economic Integration And Its Evolution
16. The Research On The Effect Of Tax Arrangements On China’s Regional Economic Development And Its Policy Optimization
17. A Spatial Econometric Research On The Effects Of Regional Economic Integration To The Economic Growth
18. Research On The Evolution Of Regional Economic Development Efficiency In China
19. Tradeoff Between Fiscal Decentralization And Centralization, Regional Economic Balanced Growth In China
20. Study On The Relationship Between China’s Local Government Debt And Region Economic Growth
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