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1. The Research On The Antecedents And Consequences For Human Resource Manager’s Professional Identification In Enterpises
2. A Study On The Effect Of Pay For Performance On Employee Creativity
3. Entrepreneurial Intention Model Construction And The Empirical Study Based On Perspective Of Entrepreneurial Motivation And Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy
4. The Effect Of High Commitment Human Resource Management On Employee Proactive Behavior
5. The Research On The Effect Of Performance Appraisal Purpose On Employee Voice Behavior
6. The Influence Of Organizational Creativity Encouragement On Employee Creativity:the Mediating Effect Of Role Identity And Self-Efficacy
7. A Study On The Formation Mechanism Of Transformational Leadership And Its Effect On Innovation Ambidexterity
8. A Study On The Mechanism Of The Effect Of Learned Helplessness On Employees’ Creativity
9. The Mechanism Of 360° Performance Feedback
10. Impact Of Consumer Perceived Value On Consumer Equity: An Expanded Study Based On Self-Efficacy Value
11. Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy And Its Relationship With The Entrepreneurial Intention
12. Study On Adoption And Switching In Mobile Commerce Consumer Decision-Making
13. The Study On Entrepreneurial Motivation And Its Influencing Factors
14. Entrepreneurial Cognition Decision Making Research On Culture
15. Women Manager's Gender Identification And Leadership Self-Efficacy
16. A Study Of Bounded Rational Behavior Bias Of Investors Under Multilevel View
17. Understanding The Sustainability Of Online Question Answering Communities In China
18. Exploratory Study Of The Dynamic Behavior Of R & D Personnel
19. Testing The Impact Of Computer Self-Efficacy And Task Technology Fit On Individual Job Outcomes
20. The Research Of Relationship Between Enterprise Employees' Job Characteristics And Job Self-efficacy
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