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Keyword [stock price volatility]
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1. The Linkage Between The World Oil Price And Chinese Energy-Rrelated Stock Price: Implications For Risk Management
2. Studies On Effects Of Agricultural Policy On Agricultural Listed Companies Stock Price Fluctuation
3. Research On Monetary Policy And Stock Price Volatility In China
4. A Study On Volatility Of Stock Price In Chinese Stock Market
5. An Empirical Study On The Impact Of Instituional Investor's Behavior On Stock Price And Its Volatility
6. Securities Investment Funds Strategic Transaction Behaviors And Stock Price Volatility
7. Study On Idiosyncratic Risk Of Stock Price Volatility And Its Investor Behavior Effects
8. An Empirical Research On Trading Mechanism And Return Volatility
9. Empirical Research On Price Volatility Of Stock Market In China
10. An Empirical Study On The Relationship Between Funds And Stock Price Volatility In China
11. The Effect Of Investment Funds' Herding To Stock Price Volatility
12. The Research And Forecast Of Stock Price Volatility Based On The Multi-Fractal Theory
13. Empirical Analysis On Price Fluctuations Of Warrants In Our Stock Market
14. Stock Price Volatility And Monetary Policy
15. Research On The Characteristic And Influence Mechanism Of Chinese Stock Price Volatility
16. Empirical Study On The Cost And Incentive Effect Of Chinese List Companies
17. Research Of Behavior Of The Stock Price Volatility In The China's Stock Market
18. Application Of Time Series Methods On Stock Volatility
19. The Empirical Study Of The Relationship Between "Financial Hoarding Hypothesis" And The Stock Price Volatility In China
20. Research On The Institutional Shareholdings And Stock Price Volatility
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