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Keyword [supply chain game theory]
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1. Research On Agri-food Quality Safety Guarantee Based On Supply Chain Management
2. Research On Agri-product's Supply Chain Management For Quality Safety And Its Information Platform
3. Study On The Inspiriting And Coordination Mechanism Of Profit And Pricing In Closed-Loop Supply Chain Based On Game Theory
4. Core Businesses In Food Safety In The Supply Chain Strategies And Incentives
5. Node Enterprise's Competition And Cooperation Game Analysis In Supply Chain
6. The Studies Of Moral Hazard And Contract Design In Supply Chain
7. Research On Ordering And Pricing Decision Methods And The Allocation Mechanism In Supply Chain Based On Game Theory
8. Research On Three-stage Supply Chain Benefit Distribution Based On Game Theory
9. Research On The Income Distribution Problem Of Enterprises In Supply Chain Based On Game Theory
10. The Study Of Supply Chain Incentive Mechanism Base On Asymmetric Information
11. Research On Incentive Mechanism Of Information Sharing In Supply Chains Base On Stackelberg Game Theory
12. The Research On Price Decision Models Of The Closed-loop Supply Chain Under Asymmetric Information
13. Price Strategy Analysis For The Closed-loop Supply Chain Of Automobile Industry Based On Game Theory
14. Research Of Problem Of Supply Economic Lot-sizing Of Enterprise Supply Chain Based On The Games Theory
15. The Economic Analysis Of China's Central Plains Milk Safety Problem In The Dairy Supply Chain System
16. Duopoly Market-based Supply Chain Cooperation And Competition Policy
17. Research On Double Channel Supply Chain Game Based On Hotelling Model
18. Pricing And Game Analysis Of Dual Channel Supply Chain Based On CVaR Criterion And Channel Selection
19. Quality-Price Decision In Two-stage Supply Chain
20. Research On The Government’s Subsidy Policy In The Green Supply Chain Based On Game Theory
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