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Keyword [supply chain management]
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1. Research On Recycling Strategy Optimization Problem In Closed-Loop Supply Chains
2. Supply Chain Optimization And Coordination For Perishable Products
3. Research On Closed-Loop Supply Chain Coordination With Contracts Under Normal And Disrupting Environments
4. Study On The Impact Of Relationship Capital On Supply Chain Quality Integration And Green Supply Chain Management
5. Decision-makings For Supply Chain With Consumer Preference To Low Carbon And Potential Disruptions
6. A Study On Supply Chain Game And Contracts Based On Demand Disruptions
7. Study On Operational Decisions Of Enterprises And Supply Chain Coordination Under The Low Carbon Economy
8. Supply Chain Multi-Channel Management And Pricing Strategy Analysis Under The E-Business Condition
9. Research On Quality Control Model For R&D Purchasing In Manufacturing Enterprises
10. Sustainable Supply Chain Management In China
11. Study On Stability And Coordination Of "Linkage Between Farmers And Supermarlets" Supply Chain Based On The Evolutionary Game
12. Study On Dual-channel Supply Chain Decision Making And Coordination Under Disruptions
13. Research On Management Decisions For Fresh Produce Supply Chain With Option Contracts
14. Returns Management In A Supply Chain With Service Reducing Consumer Mismatching
15. Research On The Bullwhip Effect In Supply Chains Considering The Market Competition
16. Game Analysis On Supply Chain Management Of Low-carbon Tourism Guided By Government
17. A Study On The Green Supply Chain Management With Innovation Diffusion Mechanism
18. Research On Modeling Of System Dynamics And Profit Decision In Remanufacturing Supply Chain
19. Stockpiling Decisions Of Relief Materials
20. Research On Firms’ Strategies Of Vertical Cooperative Innovation Behavior In A Supply Chain
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