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21. A Case Study On The Failure Of A Share Fuse System
22. A Study On The Crowdfunding Project Financing Success Factors And Herd Effect
23. The Recognition Of "Herd Effect" In China Commodity Futures Market
24. Study On Chinese Farmers' Agricu Ltural Insurance Behavior Under The Perspective Of Behavioral Finance
25. Research On The Herd Effect Of Stock Market Under The Condition Of Heterogeneous Individuals
26. Study On The Short-term Inertia And Reversal Effects Of Chinese Stock Market On The Basis Of Herd Effect In Behavioral Finance
27. The Herding Effect Of Investors In Crowdfunding
28. Study On Herd Behavior Of China's Stock Markets
29. Empirical Study On Herding Effect Of GEM Market Based On Quantile Regression
30. Herd Effect And Supervision Behavior Of Independent Director
31. The Behavior Finance Studies Based On Non-monotone Incidence Rate With Delay Item
32. Research On The Capital Flow Model Of Securities Market Based On Behavioral Finance
33. Research On The Influence Of Stock Shorting Short-selling Mechanism On Herd Effect
34. Analysis Of Herding Effect Of Leading Investment System In Equity Crowdsourcing In China
35. The Herd Effect Of Cash Loan Platform And Its Risk Control Research
36. Research On Herd Effect In P2P Internet Lending Platform Based On Social Network Perspective
37. Empirical Research On Influence Factors Of Funding Performance Of Equity Crowdfunding Projects
38. Corporate Heterogeneity,Herd Effect And Cash Dividends
39. An Empirical Study On The Impact Of Herd Effect Of Chinese Equity Funds On Stock Market Efficiency
40. The Empirical Analysis Of Herd Behavior In Chinese Stock Market Based On The CCK-GARCH Model
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