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Design, Synthesis And Relative Properties Of Functional Coordination Compounds

Posted on:2003-08-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y T LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1101360065460776Subject:Physical chemistry
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The design,synthesis and relative properties of functional coordination compounds are focus in the fields of coordination chemistry. In order to further enrich and extend the studies on functional complexes,the molecular magnetism,kinetics of catalytic hydrolysis and biological activities of bridged polynuclear complexes have been studied systematically in this dissertation.In molecular magnetism of bridged polynuclear complexes,according to the main routes of designing magnetic molecules,a total of one hundred and sixteen new bridged polynuclear complexes have been synthesized and characterized by means of elemental analyses,IR,ESR,electronic spectra,molar conductance,room-temperature and variable-temperature magnetic susceptibility measurements. Based on the coordination field theory and molecular orbital theory,and quantum chemical methods,the structures,magnitudes and character of the spin-exchange interaction between paramagnetic metal ions in the bridged polynuclear complexes have been studied. The correlations between spectroscopic,electronic properties and molecular structures have been discussed. The electronic spectra,ESR,and magnetic behaviors of some selected polynuclear complexes have been analyzed both theoretically and experimentally,and related to their molecular and electronic structures. The relation between the stability and magnetic exchange in copper(II)-iron(II) polynuclear complexes bidged by oxamido are discussed for the first time. A plausible mechanism for the ferromagnetic coupling between copper(II) and gadolinium(III) ions is discussed in terms of spin-polarization.The kinetic process of catalytic hydrolysis of ct-nitrophenyl picolinate (PNPP) catalyzed by N,N'-bis(substituted)oxamidocopper(II) mononuclear complexes is investigated spectrophotometerically. The mathematical model of the ternary complex has been proposed. The experimental results have been dealt with the kinetic model and the relative kinetic parameters of hydrolytic reaction of PNPP have been obtained. The mechanism of intermolecular nucleophilic reaction is interpreted by the kinetic parameters,which is the basis of further studying the catalytic hydrolysis of PNPP by complexes.To extend the relative property studies on bridged polynuclear complexes to the fields of biology,the relation between the stability of some selected polynuclear complexes and their disinfectivity has been discussed. On the other hand,the effects of the polynuclear complexes on the growth of wheat were also studied. These investigations have opened vast perspectives of polynuclear complexes in the fields of biology.
Keywords/Search Tags:Polynuclear Complexes, Magnetism, Hydrolytic Metalloenzyme, Catalysis, Kinetics, Biological Activities
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