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Application Of 3D Graph And Database Technique In The Kinetics Of Magnesium Removal From Phosphate Ore

Posted on:2003-11-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1101360065960783Subject:Chemical processes
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China has tremendous phosphate resources. However,the quality of phosphate ore is relatively poor. The total discoverable reserves is about 15.158WiS< ton. Among them,those of marine phosphorites occupy about 85%,apatite of metamorphic and magmatic affiliation 14.6%,and about of 0.4% of the other genetic types including guanoes. And among the total reserves of seimentary deposits,of Sinian are 51%,of Cambrian are 44%,of Devonian are 4.9%,of other periods totaled only about 0.1 %.Metallogeny of every kind of sedimentary deposits was formed under a definite kind of geological background,especially those of large industial ones. Magnesium plays a very important role in the formation of phosphate ore,so its content is closely relate to the quality of phosphate ore. It causes the loss of phosphate,the decrease of phosphate,the decrease of prouductivity and inferior product,etc.,so the removal of magnesium from the phosphate ore is of major concern.In this paper,the kinetics of magnesium removal from phosphate ore with diluted sulfuric acid was studied for Haikou,Kunyang,Mabian,Xixi and Kaiyang phosphorite deposit. They formed in Sinian and Cambrian. The experimental results showed that:The removal of phoshporus and magnesium are independent of mineralization periods of the ore in the reaction. Although there is different effect on the kinetics of the phosphorus removal and magnesium removal for different phosphorite deposits,there are many common characteristics. The hydrogen ion concentration is very important in the process of reaction. It has very important effect on both the rates of magnesium and phosphorus removals. In the reaction,the phosphorus loss increases with the rising of temperature,while the magnesium removal is only slightly effected by temperature. So it is better to put the reaction at lower temperature. The effect of particle size of ore on the phosphorus loss is significant but is not for magnesium removal. So larger particle size should beused in the reaction for reducing phosphorus loss.The kinetics equations for phosphorus and magnesium removal from ore were established. In the same time,the process of the reactions was described with three-dimensional graphs by computer. We can observe the kinetic process from the graphs of three-dimension,contour and projection in any angle.A kinetic database of magnesium and phosphorus removal from ore was established whit Microsoft Access. A new concept was brought forward that the process of kinetics is described by database. The description of the kinetics is visual,impersonal and exact through the 3D graphs and the database. The incorrect data in the database can be modified or deleted. So the database will be perfect. The process of the reaction can be simulated with the kinetic database by computer.
Keywords/Search Tags:Phosphate ore, magnesium removal, kinetics, 3D graph, database, using computer
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