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The Research On Intelligent Vehicle Initiative Security System

Posted on:2002-03-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ChaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360032957073Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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Aiming at the safety problem of vehicle driving, this thesis focuses on the following topics in a vehicle initiative safety system using information processing technologies and smart agent technologies: the representation of information, the dynamic model of safety during steering, the components and models, the information acquisition in real-time and avoiding collision in steering.At the aspect of vehicle and safety, the vehicles and its safety related problems are explored briefly. The intelligent traffic system (ITS) and the safety system to preventing collision are discussed also. In addition, the research content of vehicle initiative safety system is analyzed.In the closed system composed of human, vehicles and road surrounding, the perceiving of the state of road surrounding is the first key factor to assure safety when steering. This paper studies the representation approaches of state information during driving and established vehicle-surrounding state feature model to illustrate the variable and dynamic state of running vehicles.Based on velocity and interval between vehicles during driving which are the two most important factors related to safety, the time relationship between surrounding perceiving, decision making, operation, vehicle response and driving speed is analyzed. A dynamic 20T is presented, beyond this, the time representation method of this model under the perspective of time is presented, which is also employed, in system analysis and design, as time restriction, and the safety model of expert system of collision preventing.This paper presented the theoretical structure of vehicle initiative safety system based on steering safety behavior. Using the concurrence and isomerism characteristic of multi-agent computation, the initiative safety system based on multi-agent is stated, which can perform the process from dynamic data acquiring in real-time to decision making of expert system by the mutual cooperation between agents.In allusion to the real-time and concurrence of acquiring surrounding information, a timing controlled colored petri-net supporting timing dynamic process is presented and a cooperative model of multi-agent system of the complex dynamic surrounding of steering is established too. Describing process of multi task coordination of real-time distributed multi-agent system and mechanism of multi-agent coordinating problem solving based on time-safety model.- II -ABSTRACTBased on computer vision theory and technology, a detection and retrieval approach of road and target barrier images is discussed and to the detected target, a method computing the relative radial distance in structured road is presented.Studies the time-safety model of steering vehicle and the representation of steering rules, this thesis presents a domain knowledge representation of target-rule radix-feature state body. Besides these, a vehicle safety expert system consisting of master-slave reasoning mechanism is designed which can alarm while encountering emergency.Finally in order to supervise the driving behavior effectively and regulate safety steering, this paper presents a knowledge discovering method to discover the driver's steering habits and regular pattern from the driving record using KDD, which can examine steering safety and improve the driver' safety consciousness greatly.
Keywords/Search Tags:vehicle initiative safety, expert system, multi-agent technology, Petri-net, computer vision
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