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Study On Supercapacitor Modular Technology

Posted on:2007-07-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H D LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1102360182499724Subject:Electrical theory and new technology
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Supercapacitor modular technology is the key technology of the supercapacitor energystorage system. It plays an important role on improving efficiency and reliability ofsupercapacitor energy storage system. This dissertation studies on the supercapcitor modulartechnology in detail, and the main research aspects are as follows:Basing on the analysis of the existing supercapacitor models, the paper proposes a newparameter identification method according to the small, moderate power and high dischargingapplication.An energy transferring supercapacitor voltage balancing control model is proposed.Parameter design rules and control strategy is given in multiple and single flying capacitormethods. It also proposes two voltage balancing circuits based on inductance voltagebalancing method. The simulation and test is given to these methods.According to the characteristics of small power supercapacitor energy storage system,the switching resistance voltage balancing technology and series-parallel changeover circuitis analyzed in detail. A new small power supercapacitor bank topology is given. It establishesmathematical model of switch-resistance voltage balancing device losses duringsupercapacitor charging, and a low loss parameter design method about switch-resistancevoltage balancing technology is presented.According to the characteristics of moderate power supercapacitor energy storagesystem, a two level voltage balancing method is proposed. According this method, it proposetwo voltage balancing topology, one is the combination of inductance and flying capacitorvoltage balancing method, the other is the combination of inductance and switch-resistancevoltage balancing method.Study on the feasibility of supercapacitor applied in high pulse discharging application.And it establishes the supercapacitor bank equivalent circuit in the high pulse dischargingapplication, the supercapacitor energy storage system management rules is given. Propose anew method of using supercapacitor substitute high voltage pulse capacitor as energy storagedevice setting up high pulse magnetic field in the design of Explosively—driven MHDGenerator.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supercapacitor, voltage balancing circuits, energy storage, supercapacitor model, modular technology
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