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The Experimental Study Of Chitosan In The Repair Of Articular Cartilage Defects

Posted on:2001-08-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The articular cartilage defects is one of the usual pathological change in disease of bone, there are no effective treatment up to now,and it is the urgent problem to be solved in clinic.Aim:This study is to use chitosan as a vehicle of cell culture,put it and chondrocytes together to culture in vitro,then transplant the chitosan ?chondrocyte complex to repair the articular cartilage defects in order to study the effect of chitosan in the repair of rabbit knee joint cartilage defects Methods:In this experiment we applied chitosan nonwovenmesh for a vehicle of cell culture,But first of all it was dipped into the 10% polymer lysine solutions for 24hours before using to increase the adhersion to chondrocytes.then took chitosan and chondrocytes into the F12 flasks and put them in the 37℃ thermostatic box which contains 5% carbon bioxygen for culturing.After ten days?culture in vitro,the nubber of chondrocytes increased to six times.At that time, the chitosan-chondrocyte complex was transplanted to the homogenous rabbit knee cartilage defects, The controlateral knee served as a control, in the first control. there were only chitosan,but in the second one there were no implants. Result:After operation,tworabbits were sacrificed per two weeks,we investigated the process of cartilage repair macroscopically, histologically, by the use of electron micro-scope and measuring the thickness of repair tissue for 16 weeks, At last we found that chitosan no-woven mesh began to disgrade and be absorbed at the second week postopera-tion,and it had completely disgraded and been absorbed at the tenth or twelfth week postoperation.The histological result were that:the implanted chondrocytes proliferated well,there were no immuno reactions around the implants,and there were obvious difference on the thickness of repair tissue between the joint of interest and controlateral joint (p
Keywords/Search Tags:Chondrocyte, Chitosan, Cell Culture, Transplant, Cartilage repair
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