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Experimental Study On Treatment Of Chronic Osteomyelitis With Antibiotics Slow Release Delivery System

Posted on:2004-10-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Chronic osteomyelitis is a significant problem of patients and orthopedic surgeon. It is very difficult in treatment of this kind of disorder because of its character, i.e. high recurrence, drug resistance, strain variation, limb disable, and hepar degeneration. Investigators are devoting themselves to find a method using effective antibiotics not only slow release delivery system in focus but also bone induction .Alginate/Chitosan(ACA)microcapsule as a novelmicroencapsulation system has provided a new experimental method for microencapsulation technique to solve the problems in the field of medicine. It has good biocompatibility, degradable, mild preparation process and low price. Base on these nature, we had prepared slow antibiotics release microcapsule using ACA and investigated the effect in treatment of chronic osteomyelitis.Part I Preparation of antibiotics slow release microcapsule Objective: To study the influence of technique and method of preparation of slow antibiotics release microcapsule. Methods: We had studied the chemical and physical nature, membrane strength of microcapsule , morphology and surface charater of microcapsule, biocompatibility and stabilizing to PH during preparing antibiotics slow release microcapsule, on the other hand , we had investigated the molecular weight of ACA concentration, diameter of microcapsule and membrane permeability of microcapsule in this research. Results: 1.The surface character of antibiotics slow release microcapsule was related to the condition and technique.2.The membrane character of microcapsule was related to the enviroment, temperature and degree wetness. 3. Alginate/Chitosan(ACA) microcapsule could encapsulated Cefragine, Ofloxacin, Metronidazol, et al. 4. We did not find the method ofencapsulating gentamycin. Conclusion: The technique and method of preparation of slow antibiotics release microcapsule related to the membrane nature were coincidence the experimental design.
Keywords/Search Tags:Alginate/Chitosan, microcapsule, slow release, antibiotics, surface charater
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