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Research On The Coordination Between Social Security And Economic And Social Development

Posted on:2014-06-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Throughout human history, the social security system has been growing in accord with the development of social productive forces from scratch to full-fledged, from small to large. As a basic institutional arrangement which guarantee all national people commonly share development achievements, establishment and improvement of social security system constitute of the core content, and setting up important symbol of social development and progress for all civilized nations over the last hundred years. At present stage, China’s economic development has come to a crossroad with the imminent task of transforming of economic development pattern. One of the crucial factors that determine whether or not China can get rid of the so-called middle-income countries trap so as to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation depends on whether or not China can establish a social security system that coordinates with national economic development. Social security level and economic development level is not always in a simple positive correlation, neither can they promote each other; on the contrary, sometimes they are very likely contradicts. Institutional, national conditions and many other important elements play decisive role to set proper level of economic development and consequent social security system. It is surely that an extreme too high social security level that above a nation’s economic development level can only lead to economic recession.The dissertation aims at doing a coordinative research on China’s social security system and economic and social development during a stage which begin from the year 1949,and taking Tianjiin city as a specific research object for the empirical study, upon which, putting forward policy suggestions. It draws a conclusion for optimal resource allocation. This research has strong practical significance and theory value.The full text is divided into six chapters. The first chapter is an introduction. It purports to make clear the dissertation’s research ideas, research method and framework, on the basis of illustrating research intention and topic significance.The second chapter introduces the foundational theories related to social security promoting economy and society development synchronously. These theories including the neo-historical school, the welfare economics, Keynesian economics, economics of development, sociologic theory, and some social security thought in socialist theory.The third chapter made a historic investigation and empirical analysis on social security system and coordination of economic and social development, analyzed into detail the coordination of building social security system and social economic grow in developed countries, selected developing countries and regions. Therefore sum up reference that can be used for establishing and perfecting social security system as well as promoting economic and social development in coordinated manner.The fourth chapter analyzes the experience of china’s social security system, and of the coordination between national economic and social development. With the year of 1978 as node, when China began reform and open up to outside, the research divided new China’s development into two periods, made qualitative and quantitative evaluation on economic and social development coordination during these two periods.The fifth chapter studies to what extent Tianjin city realized social security and economic development synchronously, focus on analyzing the characteristic of tianjin’s development stage. Through setting up dynamic econometrics model, analyzing the correlation between economic and social development indicators and causal relationship, the research pointed out existing problems in tianjin’s social security system constriction, and the city’s social economic development in future respectively.The sixth chapter fully expounds the argument for building and perfecting social security system that can promote Tianjin’s social and economic development harmoniously. Among these suggestions, are goal and direction of setting the social security; mechanism for coordinating social and economic development of the social security; transform and innovate governmental functions, so as to adapt the requirements of building harmonious society...
Keywords/Search Tags:Social security, Economic development, Economic and Social coordination, Governmental function, Urbanization
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