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Research On Key Technologies Of Anti-high Impact Conical Resonator Angular Rate Gyroscope

Posted on:2016-10-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1108330503953421Subject:Navigation, Guidance and Control
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With the rapid development of tunnel excavation, mining, oil exploration, urban underground pipeline laying, precision guided weapons technology, the angular velocity measurement of moving body in the high impact environment is of urgent need. A new kind of anti-high impact conical resonator angular rate gyroscope which inspired by the Chinese traditional bell structure is proposed in this paper.Conical resonator is the core sensitive component of the gyro, and its vibration characteristics, anti-impact characteristics, frequency split inhibition, etc. directly restrict the gyro can achieve a balance between resistance to high impact and precision. The main research works are as follows:(1). For the geometric characteristics of the conical resonator, dynamic equations under external angular velocity and axial shock are established. Relationships between second-order natural frequency and external shock, structure parameters and material parameters are deduced, which laid a theoretical foundation for the analysis of vibration characteristics and anti-impact characteristics.(2) The vibration characteristics of the conical resonator are investigated. For key vibration characteristics of second order natural frequency and amplitude, etc. which affects the gyro sensitivity and anti-impact capability, according to the established dynamic equation under external angular velocity, the structural parameters are optimized restrained by material. In order to maximize the amplitude, the effect of shear force applied by excitation assembly is researched, and then structure parameters are optimized.(3). The anti-impact characteristics of the conical resonator are studied. For natural frequency and stress characteristics which affect anti-impact capability, according to the established dynamic equation under external axial impact, the influence of structure parameters of conical resonator on its natural frequency and stress characteristics are studied, further optimize the structure parameters.(4). To the frequency split problem which affect gyro accuracy, a mass defect mode of conical resonator is established by simplifying as the top edge defect. An effective non-contact method of restraining the frequency split is proposed.(5). The gyroscope circuit of the conical resonator angular rate gyroscope is designed and a gyroscope prototype is completed. Tests of performance and impact resistance are carried out, and we get that the gyro zero drift is 0.76°/h, linearity is 0.7%, resolution is 0.05°/s, and the capability of anti-impact is no less than 10000 g.
Keywords/Search Tags:Angular Rate Gyroscope, Conical Resonator, Anti-high Impact, Frequency Split Restraining
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