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Research Of Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure Of China’s Domestic Private Firms

Posted on:2014-03-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1109330461474310Subject:Business management
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Entering the new century, environmental pollution, financial crisis, food safety etc. have beening posed a series of challenge for human prosperity and progress, at same time, the issues of sustainable development effectively become a theme of the times. Accordingly, not only the concept of corporate social responsibility has been widely identity in the world but also corporate social responsibility obligations and social responsibility report become an international fashion and trends. In China, awareness of corporate social responsibility promotes the development of social responsibility disclosure practices in recent years. However, the current domestic corporate social responsibility report focused on state-owned enterprises and listed companies, in addition, social responsibility disclosure practices of private enterprises, especially small and medium private enterprises, are seriously lagging behind. Social responsibility disclosure is a reflection of corporate social responsibility practices, but also able to promote awareness and practice levels of corporate social responsibility. Both the important role of private enterprises in China’s economy and society and the backward situation of social responsibility disclosure of private enterprises have shown the necessity and importance of studying private enterprises’social responsibility disclosure in order to promote their corporate social responsibility practices.Currently, corporate social responsibility disclosure of private enterprises have yet not been given enough attention by both practitioners and academia. As a result, there is a relative lack of theoretical research on private corporate social disclosure. In this regard, based on stakeholder theory, legitimacy theory and the theory of information disclosure, this research in-depth study the current characteristics, determinants and economic consequences of corporate social disclosure of private enterprises listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen in order to reveal its current characteristics and inherent laws.First of all, the study analyses both the policy environment and development status of China’s private corporate social responsibility disclosure and the relation between firm Characteristics and social disclosure, the results show that (1)private corporate social responsibility disclosure positively correlated with firm size, (2) private enterprise with state-owned background disclose more information,(3) state-owned enterprises’social disclosure is better than private enterprises’, (4)state-owned and private enterprises social disclosure have a positive relationship with the years.Secondly, the study empirically examines the relations between political connection, shareholders’ wealth and voluntary information disclosure of corporate social responsibility of private enterprises in china, the results show that (1) political connection affects both the behavior of corporate social responsibility disclosure and the degree of corporate social responsibility disclosure. (2) shareholder wealth has a positive impact on social responsibility disclosure. The study also empirical analyses the influence of corporate governance on corporate social responsibility information disclosure.Finally, the research empirical analyses both the relationship between corporate social disclosure and business performance and the capital market effects of corporate social disclosure of chinese private enterprises,the results show that (1) corporate social disclosure exists a positive Influence on business performance, (2) corporate social disclosure of private enterprises have negative impact on the stock price.The academic contributions of this study on current CSR disclosure research denoted as follows:First, through expanding private enterprise as the object of corporate social responsibility disclosure, to a certain extent, filling the research missing of private corporate social responsibility information disclosure. Second, introducing political connection, shareholder wealth and stock prices into corporate social disclosure research in order to examine determinants and economic consequences of private corporate social disclosure and providing new empirical evidence, lastly, empirical testing the applicability of existing research conclusion in the context of private enterprises and finding new qualities of private enterprises.This study will be helpful to understand the internal mechanism of social responsibility disclosure of chinese private enterprises and promot the level of its social responsibility disclosure practices.
Keywords/Search Tags:Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Disclosure, Private Enterprises, Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR Report, Listed Companies
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