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Research And Implementation Of Wheeled Crane Hybrid Power System

Posted on:2012-10-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X M ZhouFull Text:PDF
GTID:1112330368984083Subject:Microelectronics and Solid State Electronics
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Energy saving and emissiom reduction is the important part in Chinese energy strategies. In order to realize sustainable development, many contries, including China, releasd relevant law and policy to push forward energy saving and emissiom reduction, research of energy saving technique, expecting to make use of energy with maximal efficiency. Under this background, based on 25T Wheeled Crane, this paper studies on Wheeled Crane hybrid power technique and its mplementation technique。Based on undersatanding of Wheeled Crane's operating condition, and analysis of energy consumption mechanism, designed and produced the compatible driving system, including bi-directional DC-DC converter applied in energy convertion, chopper used to drive cumulative compound DC motor. This paper designed system control strategy. Finally, the hybrid power Wheeled Crane applicable to industrial operation was peoduced. It is significant to products upgrading, energy saving and emissiom reduction.This dissertation firstly introduced the significance of energy saving and emissiom reduction and the relevant background. Described concept of hybrid power technique, basic structure of hybrid power system, key technique of energy saving and its application. Investigated technique, study and application of hybrid power port crane in china and abroad. And introduced the main work conducted. Secondly described the classification, theory of engine. Discussed characteristics of engine. Introduced classification and basic parameters of supercapacitor. Described method of energy calculation and configuration of supercapacitor. Described and analyzed problem in series-parallel connection of supercaoacitors. Standing on the point of view of hybrid power Wheeled Crane, then analyzed its operating condition, and energy consumption mechanism, described the parameters of main equipments of this system. Gave calculation and analysis of supercapacitor energy storage device's configuration. Designed system architecture of hybrid power Wheeled Crane. This dissertation discussed main circuit design of the system. Designed and analyzed bi-directional DC-DC converter and its snubber circuit. Completed inductance calculation and selection in bi-directional DC-DC converter. Designed choppers which were applicable to hoisting mechanism, luffer and swing mechanism driving. Proposed new chopper topological structure which was applicable to cumulative compound DC motor driving potential load. Discussed DC bus filter technique, energy consumption resistance power and gaved its design. The control system in the hybrid power system was discussed. The detail design of system hardware, including DSP system, PLC system and touch panel, is presented. Based on analysis of system operating status, proposed status judging method and system control strategies. Detailed design of supercapacitor energy storage device's charging and discharging control logic and fuzzy contoller was described. The controller's experiment results were given. Structure of the hybrid power Wheeled Crane prototype machine was described. The experiment results on this machine, including chopper experiments, supercapacitor energy storage device current loop control experiments, system experiments and gasoline consumption measurement, were analyzed. Finaly, summary and outlook of the work was presented.Shop test of the hybrid power Wheeled Crane prototype machine and indusrial operational experiments indicate that the bi-directional DC-DC converter and chopper designed is reliable. System control strategies are feasible. Compared with former model, rate of economizing petrol is above 30%.
Keywords/Search Tags:Hybrid power, Supercapacitor, Wheeled Crane, DC-DC converter, Chopper
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