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This Orientation Study Of The Ideological Construction Of Socialism With Chinese Characteristics

Posted on:2012-09-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116330332493236Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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Ideological value orientation directly related to the recognition and acceptance of people's ideology, but also related to the ruling party can truly achieve effective governance. Construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the value orientation of the ideological people-oriented, respect for people reasonable and diversity the value of the pursuit, focusing on stimulating the creativity of social subjects, promote social equity and justice, fully embodies the humane care. This will help enhance the value of the consensus of members of society to enhance the appeal of socialist ideology and cohesion to ensure the smooth progress of socialist construction.People-oriented has always been throughout the social ideology development process. In the West, people-oriented began to sprout in this period of thought in ancient Greece and Rome, after twists and turns in the Middle Ages, to the Renaissance and the Enlightenment gradually form, they becomes the ideological banner of the bourgeoisie. They argue that human-centered, emphasizing the value of independence and achieve personal freedom and the liberation of humanity, which greatly promoted the development of human civilization and social progress. The field of ideology in China, but also with particular emphasis on the pursuit of human values, the status and role of public recognition. Early in the ancient society, dominated even God, but also stressed the combination of fate and personnel; to the Qin Dynasty, formally established the thought of the people to form a systematic theory of the People, heavy people, protect the people become conscious thought form the basic value orientation; through the development of Qin and Han dynasties, continuously enrich the content, thought of the people rounded development. After the founding of New China, through the enhancement and beyond of the traditional thought of the people, proposed a "people-oriented" new ideas, realize the thought of the people of the modern transformation of the ideological construction of a new era the dominant value orientation.Marxism as the ideological banner and soul of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the human issues, the pursuit of human emancipation and full development of human yearning for freedom occupies an important position, all reflect the people-oriented value orientation. Therefore, the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics ideology, must implement "people-oriented" history turn, the essence of strategy is to insist on ideological work and the people of this orientation is to demonstrate its core human care. That has always adhered to Marxism as a guide to the people's fundamental interests as the starting point and destination point, reflecting the fundamental value of people-oriented.Marxist theory of ideology thought, ideology is the dominant social classes and strata of the ideological system, which includes the politics, law and morality, and so the concept of ideology. Therefore, building a people-oriented value orientation of the ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the important is to uphold Marxism as a guide to build a people-oriented political view, the legal concept of people-oriented and people-oriented morality. Building a people-oriented political views must shape the citizens of modern main political personality to start, according to people's will and interests of the requested allocation of political resources, the formation of achieving people-oriented political view of the system of guarantees; build a people-oriented legal concept to establish a people-oriented legislative concept and implement people-oriented law enforcement and promote the people-oriented spirit of justice; build a people-centered morality must shape a sound moral character, civic and moral consciousness, establish respect for the individual, the collective view of the priority groups have been.
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