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Study On Socialist Ideology Construction Of Our Country Since The Reform And Opening

Posted on:2012-03-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116330335966545Subject:Marxism in China
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Reform is the eternal theme of history. Since the third plenary session of the eleventh centre committee of the CPC, Chinese reform and opening have been through more than thirty years. In thirty years the remarkable achievements of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics fully proved that the reform and opening is the most distinctive features of the new period, is a road which the country would become formidable, is the inevitable choice of the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, "only reform and opening can develop China, socialism and Marxism ". Under the impetus of the great practice of reform and opening, we have been forming a new theoretical system of socialist ideology-the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics and inaugurating a socialist road with Chinese characteristics. However, with continued expansion and deepening of reform and opening, which has been bring not only the brilliant achievements for the Chinese society, but also the ideaistic confusion,risks and challenges which are endangering the nature and direction of the socialist of reform and opening. Solving the idealistic confusion and withstanding various risks and challenges, that they all belong to the domain of ideological construction work in the final analysis, therefore, in order to ensure the successful,stable and healthy advancement of reform and opening, now socialist ideology construction work must be done well,as has become the key which the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics which the reform and opening is founding obtains success. We should understand and grasp the unity of the two practices of reform and opening and socialist ideology construction work.The environment and situation of China's Marxist-oriented socialist ideology have been more and more complicated and variable since the reform and opening. Facing with the new situation and basic problem in the process of socialist ideology construction, this paper considers:in the new period the socialist ideology construction work need further strengthen sensitivity of the party and the government and the general public on the ideological issues and form awareness of science and philosophy, and strive to do inheritance and innovation of the theory-system of socialist ideology basing on nation-specific circumstances and practice, and continue to do popularization and education work of socialist ideology well, timely solve a variety of social issues which influence the expansion and deepening of socialist ideology construction work,etc. These works involve the basic requirements for people both at theoretical level and on the concept of thinking of socialist ideology construction, and should take correct measures in the specific practice field, and also should be aware of and make use of all advantages and opportunities fully to increase the people'level of acceptance of socialist ideology, so as to provide effective protection for benign operation of the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Of course, the socialist ideology construction is a complex and system engineering, in order to do this job well, in addition to focus the present, we should also pay attention to review and summary of Chinese socialist ideology construction's history."For major principles, history will be the prophet," cognizing history can make people wise, sorting and delving the history would be in favor that the current socialist ideology construction work learns the achievements,experiences and shortcomings,lessons from the past ideological construction course, and tracks little detours and makes fewer mistakes.Based on the above basic thought, the content-structure of this paper begins with the analysis on the basic concepts and theories, summarizes and studies the basic scientific cognition to intrinsic unification relations of the reform and opening and socialist ideology construction work,in succession gradually spreads the key content of the paper——the socialist ideology construction work faces new situation,some basic issue since the reform and opening and the specific response of thinking and practising. The whole paper is divided into seven parts:Introduction, from ChapterⅠto ChapterⅤand Conclusion.
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