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On China's State Function In The Era Of Globalization

Posted on:2013-01-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X D ShiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116330371479164Subject:Political Theory
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As the fast development of globalization,politics,economy and culture ofhuman being's society have been changing greatly,which has caused a great impact onthe state theories and practice.The issue of state function has aroused our attentiononce more.How to execute China's state function has become an important issue,both theoretically and practically,faced by political theory and practiceworkers.Undoubtedly,China has become the world's second largest economy afterthe rapid development of 30 years,with great improvement in its comprehensivepower and international status.However,some countries hold an attitude ofskepticism and resistance towards China's rapid development due to different ideologiesand geopolitics.From the internal development point of views,there are someserious social contradictions and problems,such as serious ecological environmentaldestruction,the widening gap between the rich and the poor,uneven developmentand the spread of corruption.Now China's economy has entered into a crucial time,facing a series of new challenges.How to effectively adjust the use of the statefunction in order to meet challenges and promote the development has become anurgent issue for research.China's state function under globalization is divided into two parts,namelyinternal function,including politics,economics,culture,society and ecology,and external function.There are seven chapters in this thesis.The first chapterillustrates the basic issues of globalization,including the connotation and essentialityof globalization,as well as its power and development process,and the analysis ofstate concepts,state nature and national interests.The second chapter analyses anddiscusses the contents,changes and development of its external security and internalrules.The third chapter discusses the optimization and reconstruction of stateeconomic function by analyzing its challenges and practices under the construction of socialist market economy.From chapter four to chapter six,it includes China's stateculture function,state social management function and state ecological function.AsChina's opening up policy and modernization,new requirements and more research onculture function,social management function and ecological function have beenneeded.This part focuses mainly on promotion of culture prosperity of socialismproposed by central government and reinforcement and creation of socialmanagement.The last chapter illustrates the necessity of China's external functionthrough the discussion of the interests of China's economy.Based on that,diplomaticwork of the realization means of state external function has been focused.The wholethesis tries to deepen the relationship between globalization and China's state function,and give suggestions to the transformation and expansion of state functions in thecourse of globalization and China's social development....
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