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Our Public Services, Government And Ngo Cooperation Mechanism Studies

Posted on:2013-02-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116330374458518Subject:Minority areas of public administration
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With the rapid development of China's economy and the acceleration of the pace of social diversity, the contradictions have become increasingly prominent which between the comprehensive rapid growth of demand for public services and the shortages of supply and capacity of government public service. Especially for the subjects of insufficient of basic public service such as basic education, public health,social security, environmental protection and public security which are concerning becoming more severe and arousing extensive concern of all circles in society.In the meantime, China is facing a shift of the public administration mode and governance structure against the backdrop of the worldwide "community revolution". Government and a serious of public behavior take the responsibility of public affairs in multiple ways, NGO is playing an increasingly important role as one of the main body of governance. In the public service, NGO is showing the advantages of lower cost, higher efficiency and more flexibility than government with its features like public, voluntary, nonprofit and flexibility, and becoming a new institutional arrangement and provide mechanism involved in public service and the demand of public service. Therefore, aiming at improving the public service system, enhancing the quality and standard of public service and promoting equalization of public service, it has a great significance for the government to strengthen the cooperation with NGO.Since the establishment of the People's Republic of China, As the economy progress and society advances, and influenced by reform of the system of economy, society and politics, attitude of the government towards NGO and the NGO's growth, the relationship of our government and NGO in the field of public service have been through many changes which could be divided into three stages:the first stage was in1949-1978, with a high degree of dependence and monopoly supplement; the second stage was in1978-2006, which set its goals to promote the separation and collaborative supplement; the last stage was aiming at developing the service and the cooperation supplement since2006. Overall, the cooperative relations between the government of China and NGO started from scratch, constantly advancing, with a deepening trend increased by poor structure to benign structure. Nowadays, there are three main types of cooperation between the government and NGO for current public service in our country:consultative participation, entrust authorized, service outsourcing and governmental purchases.However, our society is still in a complete control of the government, and an unifying the historical and cultural traditions and institutional arrangements still restrict the relationship between the government and NGO, which makes the cooperation has an obvious "Chinese characteristics", which means that the cooperative relationship between the government and NGO is an unequal dependent relations of cooperation between the "strong" and the "weak". The reason is that nowadays the system is still imperfect, and there are still many difficulties in the establishment of cooperative relations between government and NGO:the lack of cooperation environment, the dislocation of government management, the bottlenecks in development of NGO.The cooperation between the government and NGO in the United States, Britain, Philippines and Hong Kong are successful. Through the investigation of the practical experience in these countries and regions, it shows that to establish the benign cooperation relations, it needs to provide an equal opportunity for NGO in participating in public service, create a good policy and legal environment, get the support and supervision of NGO capacity from the government and the government would actively promote the purchase NGO service.According to the present cooperative situation among the government and NGO in the public service system in our country, based on the reference to overseas experience, we should proceed from the systematic point of view, and establish a comprehensive set of government and NGO depth multi-level cooperation mechanism in the three dimensions of the category:subject(NGO types), process (public service process) and the results (public goods categories)Nowadays, the main countermeasures to build the mechanisms for cooperation between our government and NGO could from aspects of improving the legal framework of the NGO development, and creating a legal environment that supports cooperation; improving the policy framework, and creating a policy platform to support cooperation; heightening the government regulation of NGO, and creating a management system that supports cooperation; strengthening the NGO self-construction to enhance their cooperative ability.
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