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Incoming Economic Systems Theory And Mathematical Model Study

Posted on:2002-08-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C X XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360032457159Subject:Port, Coastal and Offshore Engineering
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In this article, the author researches on systematic theory and mathematical model of harbor & navigation (H&N) economic, tries to find a new method of thinking for the construction of H&N engineering and the development of water transportation.On the basis of analyzing the difficult position in the construction of H&N engineering and the development of water transportation, the author sets a scientific and reasonable relationship among the H&N engineering ^ water transportation and engineering economic by the theories of economics and the way of systematic science, and makes a H&N economy system composed of H&N engineering and soft science. Also, the article puts forward a strategic target which is "make a transition from the construction of H&N engineering to the efficient management of H&N resources, keep the H&N economic system a sustainable development".Establish and prove the theory of the sustainable development of H&N economic system, and apply it as the directive macro theory in the process of the construction of H&N engineering and water transportation development; deriving the comparative advantage theory compared with other communication infrastructures and transportation ways, provide the theory support for more investment on the construction of H&N engineering and more attention on water transportation development; establish the efficient competition theory on the efficient competition among the subjects (enterprises) in the H&N economic system and the development of objects(H&N resources), which can be used in the management of the enterprises in H&N economics system and the allocation of the duties and responsibilities caused in resources development, so it will be good to the sustainable development of the H&N economic.To analyze the risk possibility and utilities preference of H&N project, advance a kind of indicator system of the H&N project study, and provide a method of thinking applying in the selection and comprehensive appraise H&N projects; considering the character of H&N engineering and the water transportation industry, build the indicator system and the compound-weight decision model with multi-object to appraise the competitive power of the enterprises in H&N field; choosing the enterprise in H&N industry as researching object, construct a model in game theory; with the way of input-output analysis, design a domestic economy growing model driven by the investment in H&N economic system, so can quantitatively measure the role and function of H&N economic system in domestic one; establish an projection pursuit model with the economy interaction, put forward amodel analyzing the influential factors between the scale of harbor container and regional economy development, and set a quantitative relationship between H&N economic system and inner-region one.Basing on the researches on the bottleneck in developing the International Shipping Center of Shanghai (ISCS), further prove that the type of new location plan of ISCSH should be "center with two wings". It is the advantages of the rich resources in Yangtze River Delta that the important support for ISCS, without the shipping channel -12.5 deep is the bottleneck, so harnessing the deep-water shipping channel at entrance of Yangtze river is the key to make ISCS remove the "bottleneck " of development.Some problems in three aspects is firstly discussed in this article: (1) establish H&N economic system, put forward a strategic target "make a transition from the construction of H&N engineering to the efficient management of H&N resources, keep the H&N economic system a sustainable development". (2) systematically advance and prove three theory hypothesis including H&N economic system sustainable development, comparative advantage and efficient competition, so the macro, mid, and micro theory frame on H&N economic system are composed of all of these mentioned above.(3Research on the macro, mid, and micro mathematical model of H&N economic system. Integrating the dynamical input-output model, the compound-weight decision...
Keywords/Search Tags:Harbor&Navigation(H&N) Economic System, Sustainable Development, Mathematical Model, International Shipping Center of Shanghai(ISCS)
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