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Study Of Deng Xiaoping's Strategic Thinking

Posted on:2002-06-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360032951897Subject:Marxist philosophy
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The essay tightly grasps the inner clue of the quintessence of Deng Xiao-ping theory---to emancipate the mind, seek the truth from facts, and study Deng Xiao-ping strategic thought from different angles of thought such as the matter of principle, the characteristics of process, systematicness, openness, creativity. It tries to reveal inner law of Deng Xiao-ping strategic thought and explore how Deng Xiao-ping pushed his two poles and contradiction thought into systematic, multipolar, and inteurated thought. His strategic thought provides us a new methodology. It can make us to control overall situation not to be an anachronism, at the same time when we face numerous and complicated things, it can make my thought enter a high stage of syntheses in the multiply antagonistic relations, not getting into ~ icious circle. We have entered a new century. There is a formidable task in our country that we must wholly construct a well-being society and realize the third strategic aim of socialism modernization. World technical fast progress and economical globlizational quick process both provide us a very important opportunity of development and issue grim challenge to us. In order to arasp the opportunity and accept the challenge, we must always wholly concern and analyze the change of international situation and correctly hold some important problems with the character of the overall, strategic, looking forward and regulation in the process of reform and constrution. In order to studs?and make right and powerful policy and measures, learning and studying Deng Xiao-ping strategic thought has important enlightenment of methodology to solve these probles. Deng Xiao-ping strategic thought formed in the process of Chinese reform and openness, at the same time, has produced large effects on them. His strategic thought will have deep and active effects on the people who love peace and development beyond time and universe.
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