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A Study On Mainlandchina's Outward Investment To The World And To Taiwan

Posted on:2002-09-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:M Z LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360062475229Subject:Political economy
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1. Topic SignificanceSince the nongovernment contact across Taiwan Strait approved in November 2, 1987, the trade between Mainland China and Taiwan has largely increased. According to statistics, the amount of trade across Strait has been US$ 31,253,000,000 in 2000 [1], while only US$ 1,515,000,000 in 1987. The Taiwan business investment in Mainland China has grown rapidly. Until the end of 2000, the total number of direct investment of Taiwan business in Mainland China has been US$ 26,160,000,000 [2].Mainland China investment in Taiwan (Mainland enterprises investing) has been absent for a long times. In contrast, the other kinds of commerce and economic exchanges became more and more prosperous.Why the amount of Mainland China investment in Taiwan was so small in the past years? When the commerce with each other will be normally? And what is the tendency of commercial development? In so far as the Cross-Strait trade, these constructive issues deserved more concern.At first, Taiwan kept Mainland China investment in island under strict control. It was the main reason for limiting Mainland investing. On the other hand, Mainland China foreign trade policy also had effect on the investment activities. While Mainland China put capital account in balance of payment under surveillance, that restrained the amount of Mainland China foreign trade and investment in Taiwan.In the near future, Beijing and Taipei would lift the restrictions of trade polity step by step. That may accelerate the activities of Mainland China investment in Taiwan. Under the trend of globalization, it was important that the global development would speed the two sides governments to change their policy. While becoming a part number of WTO, Mainland China has to open to world market. In the same time, Taiwan also takes serious consideration to loose the restrains of the Cross-Strait trade, and approve Mainland investment in island.In the new century, it is clear that the Cross-Strait governments have to change the trade -control policy. Beijing has decided the policy of "Going-Out". Taipei has been aware of the need of "Open Mainland investment in island". It is the right moment to study Mainland China investment in Taiwan, and this is this paper starting from.2. The Range of ResearchUnder the trend of global economic. Mainland China investment in Taiwan issues are base upon globalization. The range of this paper will include:(1) The facts of Mainland China investment in each region;(2) The analysis of Mainland China investment in Taiwan;(3) The macroscopic and microscopic tendencies of Mainland China investment in Taiwan.3. The Goal of ResearchThe goal of this paper will focus on :(1) The general trend of Mainland China investment in the whole world;(2) The policy trend of Mainland China foreign trade;(3) The barriers and opportunities of Mainland China investment hi Taiwan;(4) The policy attitudes of the Cross-Strait governments for the investment in Taiwan;(5) The prospect of Mainland China investing in Taiwan.4. Research Method and Research Difficulty(1) Research attributeThe studies about Mainland China investment in Taiwan were rarely in the past years. It seems that these issues had been ignored for a long times. Thus this paper will provide with a full exploration and originality.(2) Research methodThis paper's research methods are:(a) Document research: This paper takes a comprehensive vision by collecting relative data and analyses.(b) Field investigation: The author was a senior specialist of Taiwan news media, and concerning Mainland China commerce and trade for ten years, hi the inquiry of Mainland China's 28 provinces, the author collected plenty of data which provided a strong base for the research.(c) Environment method: In the Cross-Strait exchange circumstances, both subjective senses and objective analyses were used to form rational thoughts.(3) Research difficulties:The author has to apologized for lack of comprehensive resources. Furthermore...
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