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On The Life Insurance Asset Management

Posted on:2002-02-20Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360065450409Subject:Technical and economic
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Life insurance industry plays a very essential role in the national economy and finance system, which not only debases the risk of manpower asset and promotes the formation of manpower capital, but also is the main source of fund in the capital market. Since 1949,life insurance industry in our country began step on the mooch and went through. As the deepening of reformation, increasing attention of government and the improvement of environment, life insurance industry in our country rapidly develops and enters into sound state. But compared with other industries, it is relatively lagging behind, which mainly appears that the growth of insurance fee is lower than the expected, the profit of investment is not high, insurance is short of capital. Facing the shock of WTO, life insurance industry urgently needs attracting new capital, even requires introducing seniors management conception and mode, and requires basical reforming and innovating instead of simply mending original possessed management mode, while asset management is main mode of reforming and innovation in life insurance industry.The kernel viewpoint of asset management in life insurance industry is to realize the formation, value increment and expand in life insurance industry by production managements investment management and capital management, under the supervision of governments supervision of market and self-control risk management of enterprise. It is the only way of development of life insurance enterprise, and a practical chance of our life insurance industry facing the challenge of WTO.The topic of our thesis reflects the key point of developing life insurance is organic combination of "Production management", "Investment management" and "Capital management" in three aspects. "Production management" is the basis of development of insurance enterprise It not only includes satisfying demanding on hand, but includes breeding demanding by improving supply , environment and system . "Investment management" is the key point of continually management of insurance enterprise, but "Capital management" is the deepening of previous two aspects, whose success or failure determines competitive power and risk management in life insurance industry in a certain extent.In chapter 2,from the composition of balance sheet of life insurance company and the development history of life insurance, I analysis the gradation and change of lay emphasis of asset management, derive the inevitability of asset management mode. I introduce the elementary contents and apply asset liability management, modern portfolio theory, modern property right theory to asset management.In chapter 3,from the angle of asset formation, I analysis the function and characteristics of production management in life insurance industry, exhaust evolution and innovation of life insurance varieties, chance of every marketing fashion, and advise to innovation life insurance varieties of our country.In chapter 4, from the angle of asset appreciation, I analysis the construction and characteristics of fund used for investment, the principle and characteristics of investment, different investment instrument, organizational structure of investment management, the decision-making and management of portfolio, the historic evolvement of life insuranceinvestment of USA and Japan. Based on those analysis, I analysis the problem and cause of life insurance investment historic evolvement, bring up the counterplans of improving our country's life insurance investment.In chapter 5, from the angle of asset expansion, I expound the form , purpose and essential of capital management, the change of ownership form, merger and acquisition, etc. I further expound ways, path, difficulty and counterplan of the diversified property-right as the special form of government-owned capital management in country.In chapter 6,from the angle of constructing asset management risk management system, I expound the contents and application of three gradation of asset management in life insuranc...
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