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The Choice Of Land Property Rights And Registration System

Posted on:2003-09-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360065462262Subject:Land Resource Management
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As the fourth factor, the institutions are the same important factor as the traditional factors, resources, technologies, preference, which determine the economic growth in a county. Economists have proved that the institutions play important role in economic growth in a country with the influence on public and private behaviors, welfare distribution, resource allocation efficiency and labor developing. The property rights laws are the key parts of the institutions in a developing country or a country who is just shifting from a planning economic system to a market economic system, where there are badly needs on establishing market orders. The land property rights laws which have links with other property rights maintaining the markets are the base of the whole economic institutions. The land institutions are constructed mainly by two aspects: land property rights and registration system. Therefore the dissertation evolves its economic analysis of land institutions on the two aspects.First, the paper create a new theory on land institutions efficiency under the conditions that land is owned by state and collectives, which are some extent public ownership, called state ownership and collective ownership respectively. Using this theory and considering the special institutional history of China, The dissertation discusses the land rights in the present land laws and makes the choice of land rights fitting more institutional efficiency needs and the special situation of China.Second, it is known that how to protect the land property rights and their transaction security is another key factor which affects the institutional efficiency. So the dissertation analyses the principle of land property rights protection and transaction safety of presentlaws and selects them to suit the aimed land institutions by the methods of law and economy.Finally, with implementing the principle of land property rights protection and transaction safety selected and learning from the three basic land registration system in the world, the thesis create its own registration system suitable to China.
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