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A Study On Spatial Structure Of Regional City-town And Its Optimization

Posted on:2003-07-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The new century will be a urbanizing one in China.For the urbanization,the great changes including modernization course will happen to the development of the society and economy in China.But ,there are many problems from urbanization itself to economic system,for example,regional. spatial orientation and spatial structure are becoming importanter problems,because people pay great attention to urbanization as it stands,people study mainly the relation of urbanization and industrialization,the comparison between China'3 urbanization and other state'3 one,but people pay less attention to spatial structure of regional city & town(SSRCT).SSRCT will have great and rapid changes with the rapid development of urbanization course, it is necessary to forbid the formation of unfavourable SSRCT and to guide SSRCT toward the course of sustainable development,so we need study the evolution mechanism,impetus and factors of SSRCT,can we have a scientific and reasonable SSRCT to adjust and control the development of regional population,economy resources and environment,to realize the sustainable development.Thus,to select SSRCT to study is possessed of quite significance both in theory and in practice.SSRCT is a chaos system,its optimization is a synthetic question, and the optimization needs geography,economics,urbanology,management,systems theory,fractal ecology and so on,so the scientific method is quite important.The philosophical of the article ideology is materialistic dia!ectics,moreover,the author adopts the system analysis theory,the method of combining quantitative analysis with qualitative analysis,the method of combining theory and concrete analysis.This thesis is composed of seven chapters with 21,0000 words.To begin with,the author defines SSRCT,which is the distribution shape of regional cities and towns,the geographical agglomeration of regional cities and towns through mutual action and integration under the given level of productive force,the formation of SSRCT needs a long period of time.In chapter II,the paper describes and appraises central place theory,growth pole theory, point-axes system,theory of urban agglomeration,especially theory of chaos sysytem and fractal geometry(theory).The author thinks that theories of chaos and fractal may depict the real prospects of nature,and SSRCT is essentially a chaos sysytem.Second,the thesis analyses the formation and evolution of SSRCT in natural environment,regional economic level,traffic and information conditions.The author considers natural environment provides material bases and conditions for the evolution of SSRCT,and explores five kinds of1 SSRCT in plain,arid land, region along big rivers,the mining area,and mountain area.As for regional economic level,it is a propulsive force to SSRCT.As to traffic conditions,!! is the frame of regional infrastructure,its change may directly lead to the relevant change of double influences of concentration and dispersion.Third,the article analyses the fundamental connotations,types,affections and actions of mutual action of city and its region,the author thinks the city is the center of theregion,and the region is the bases of the formation and development of the city,The reasonable mutual refection of city and region can make better use of resources,and make regional population,economy and environment form a entirety with proper structure and function,the supreme goal of combined city and region is to realize urban-rural integration.The next chapter is about the method of optimization of SSRCT and the analysis of Huaian Municipality,Jiangsu Province,as example.First,the author puts forward the concept of optimization of SSRCT,which is the cities and towns distribute reasonably with mutual integrational relations in function for receiving the most tdealest comprehensive benefit of regional society,economy,and environment.That is to realise three goals:reasonable SSRCT,the SSRCT coinciding with the demands of fractal and sustainable development of SSRCT and region.After,the author designs a coordin...
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