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On Re-engineering Of Ownership

Posted on:2003-08-25Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Z ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360065960888Subject:Political economy
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This paper is focusing on offering a fairly new eyesight in theoretical exploration which is of great significance in deepening our national reform and in integrating socialist system, as the search for the road in the essential reforming of the our state-owned enterprises is really a conceptual issue of great importance both in out nation's economic theories and in our socialist construction practice.It is pointed out by the author that the break-out for the foundational reforming of our state-owned enterprises has to be the disintegration of the traditional state-ownership, that is, to overturn the reversal of the property relationship of the traditional one, i.e. the re-construction of the ownership by the whole people, as the specialties of our nation's state-owned enterprises' property right lies in the lacuna remained inside systematic arrangement of the ownership itself-the default in their reforming is to be the problem of the very ownership system as such a default seems to form a false state-owned property right, which has, in turn, made the traditional one reveal the ownership by the whole people in a distort way.Hereby, the author recreates the theory of the ownership re-engineering, inwhich it is pointed out that the historical evolution of the property relations is to be the change of ownership subject from natural individual to a collective one-every kind of personal ownership comes up to commonly-owned ownership; hence that the base for modern enterprises' property right is the re-building in a fairly new distribution of right among such commonly-owned one; and, consequently, that the constructional subject of such commonly-owned one would have recurrence to the organizations in the way of conducting his or her power of controlling. And thus, the author designs the ownership pattern for the whole-people-owned enterprises along with the studies both on the outline that the essence of the "public-owned" seems to mean "commonly-possessed" plus "individual-possessed" through thoroughly learning the theories of the history of ancient societies by Karl Marx, and on the Archimedes point for the construction of the socialist public ownership is to be that the groups of laborers perform the right of controlling in a straight-forward way through the full study on Marx's proposition of "rebuilding the individual ownership of the laborers".
Keywords/Search Tags:Ownership, State-owned Enterprises Reforming, Ownership by the Whole People, Disintegration and Re-engineering
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