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Government Reform, Public Governance Perspective

Posted on:2004-08-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360092485556Subject:Scientific socialism
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Government is the periodical output of human civilization, and it is also the essential factor for the development of human society. The origin and nature show it clearly. Government come into being and exists with the development of productivity, the emergence of private ownership and social contradictions and conflicts. To keep all kinds of contradictions in the framework of order is the basic function which human entitled government. Meanwhile, that government can promote the development economy and society has great significance that we can't neglect. A great number of examples, from the right side and from the wrong side, from now and from history, proved the point fully. Just as the World Bank has concluded after careful observation and study, "government has great effect on the development of one country's economy and society, especially on their sustainability. On the pursuit of the collective aims, government has unparalleled potentials to affect, advance and adjust reforms. If the ability is brought into full playing, economy will advance rapidly. Otherwise, it will stop." So, how to reform a government with scientific theory and how to build a good government in order to promote development are the important task which all states around the world have to face.To deep into the government reform is special importance to today's China. We can understand it from two aspects. Firstly, to probe into the government reform issue is the demand to get rid of the deep level problems which is left behind in the former government reforms, and the demand to deepen government reforms. As we all known, government reform is not new for China. From the foundation of the PRC to the 16th Congress of CPC, we have implemented government reform for eight times, which frequency is rarely seen in the world. Although every time government reform solved some problems which existed then, it couldn't solved such problems fundamentally as swollen mechanism, bureaucracy, functional disorder and low efficiency. This is clearly showed in the two following phenomena: the government departments had been trimed, swollen, trimed again and swollen again. If the power of government is transfer to the low level, there will be disorder, then the central government will countermand the power, which would bring about deadlock. The reason of this lies in that we focus our attentions more on such superficial factors as the number of departments and persons and the centralization or decentralization of power than the basic pointę¢©he transformation of function. The two times government reform of 1993 and 1998 has touched and advanced the deep level problems, for example, the transformation of function, the smoothing of relations and the innovation of systems, but the government reform is the superstructure one. It must coincide with the speed and level of economic base, it is also a complicate systemic project, which determined that it can't be finished in a short time and be solved at a time. Facing the reality, to reform the current system of governance andinthe set-up of the departments actively and continuously is the demand to deepen government reform.On the other hand, to deep into government reform is the demand for China to meet the challenges brought by the development of globalization and informationization and to solve the new problems that government faces. Globalization and informationization not only bring China a historical chance to develop, but also great challenge for government. China's entry into WTO is a concrete step to take part in globalization. It brings much severe pressure and challenge to China. These pressure and challenge not only depress on China's enterprises, but also and mainly on government. Informationization can promote the development of economy and society. It can also challenge the structure and governance power of government. Facing new challenges and problems, to strengthen government reform is the only way out.The former two aspects determined that a new round government reform requires...
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