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Research On Urbanization In National Area Of West China

Posted on:2004-08-31Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360092485725Subject:National Economics
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Urbanization, as the inevitable result of human social and economicdevelopment, is one of important phenomena nowadays in the world. In one country or area, it can promote the economic & social structure, urban & rural distribution and production & life style to qualitatively change. Moreover, in different country & area or different historic period, it can also form different characteristics of impetus and development. Actually, urbanization has shown the evolution of regional social & economic development, so urbanization level has become the important mark that has been used to measure the level of society, economy, culture and technology in one country or area, as well as to measure the level of national or regional social organization & arrangement.Urbanization in national area of west China, which is the very important part of Chinese urban system, as the main aspect of Chinese urbanization strategy, will directly influence Chinese urbanization process, urbanization level and urban system structure. Meanwhile, it will infect society and economy in the west national area to develop, which become the major problem in the research on economic development strategy of Chinese minority nationalities, In fact, though Chinese people have generally realized to proceed from being adequately fed and clad to a comfortable life, there has been uneven development between the east and the west in China, which development gap has still increased. In national area of west China, dual structure problem between urban and rural area has been increasingly conspicuous, so that backward urbanization has obstruct the sound growth of the economy in the west. More and more insightful people have extremely paid close attention to it. Therefore, based on the national economic development strategy, promoting national economy to develop quickly and constructing the moderately well-off society overall, it is of great realistic importance to construct the development patterns and strategies that will further urban economy and urbanization in national area of west China.Here are some highlights of the most important research in the thesis, organized by the six parts of the thesis.Part I: Research on Basic Urbanization Theory Defines the urbanization connotation and its extension, and reveals the promoting uses how agricultural productive forces, industrialization, tertiary industry development and regional economic development encourage urbanization. From the viewpoint of historic development of urbanization, traces the developing history of the world urbanization & Chinese urbanization, analyzes and discusses the mutual connection between urbanization proceeding and regional economic development. Quantitatively simulates the urbanization patterns and urban system,expounds urban size-rank principle. From the agglomerative characteristics, analyzes the economic effects of urban development; and from radioactive effects due to the agglomerative economy, discusses space effects of regional development in urban area. Meanwhile, in the light of developing reality of Chinese urbanization, analyzes the relationship between urban development and suburban economic development, as well as the inexorable influence that urban development promotes rural economic development.Part II: Discuss on the Importance How Urbanization Encourage Economic Development in National Area of West China Urbanization will promote the construction of modern agriculture in the west national area. Urbanization will quicken industrialization in the west national area. Urbanization will offer developing space for farmers to create more jobs and to increase revenue, and will further construct the moderately well-off society overall in the west national area.Part III: Analysis on the Current Situation of Urbanization in National Area ofWest ChinaUrban development on lower level and urban distribution on lower density. Urban system structure that...
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