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Research On The Reform Of Corporate-Income Tax And Its Accounting Issue

Posted on:2004-03-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360092991365Subject:Industrial Economics
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To reform and improve corporate income tax is an important research project that draws great attention from current economic theory circles in China. Since reform and opening up, with the continuous improvement of socialist market economy, the tax system with circulating tax as the main body and income tax as the subsidiary has taken shape initially in China. This tax system plays a positive role in promoting the development of Chinese economy which is undergoing changes. However, under the influence of special historical background, there still exist grave drawbacks in legislation, content, administration, standardized treatment of tax accounting in tax law. With China's entry into WTO, together with the changes in international income tax system and the corresponding changes in financial accounting system and principles, it is becoming increasingly urgent to improve and perfect Chinese corporate income tax system. To further improve corporate income tax system and make it adapt to Chinese constantly deepening reform and opening up is the core issue of the thesis.According to experience from other countries, the establishment and improvement of corporate income tax system closely relates to the country's overall environment. All countries are constantly improving the construction of environment which covers policies, laws, regulations and systems so as to support the tax system that is adapted to the macro and micro economic adjustment, strengthening macroeconomic control under the guidance of law.Based on the national conditions, the thesis aims at the construction of corporate income tax law and system, consolidating the functions of corporate income tax. Through analysis of relevant theories concerning corporate income tax, the thesis specifies relevant concepts. Based on the experience from some major countries in construction of corporate income tax system, the thesis put forwards the tentative plan to reform corporate income tax and to formulate special favorable tax policies. By comprehensive study of recognition of corporate income tax and its measuring methods, principles and standards, the thesis exposes the problems in the recognition and measurement of corporate income tax and introduces the proper methods for the recognition and measurement corporate income tax. Through analyzing the difference between taxable income and accounting profit caused by the differences between principles and systems of tax law and that of accounting, the thesis brings forwards the general accounting methods of income tax and methods of special businesses incometax. Proper compiling, filling in and analyzing accounting statements for corporate income tax will provide constructive reform scheme for an all-round, comprehensive and standardized corporate income tax system.The thesis consists of eight chapters, which are grouped into three sections: introduction, the main body and conclusion.The first section focuses on the discussion of the following issues: first, the background under which the reform of corporate income tax was brought forward. As a type of good taxes, corporate income tax plays an important role in protecting domestic industries and improving competitiveness of domestic industries under the circumstances of tariff restriction and concession, in solving the conflict between the flexibility of accounting principles and the rigidity of tax law, which arises from financial frauds. Second, the interrelationship between tax rules and accounting standards is discussed. The author makes it clear that taxation accounting is a complete set of taxation codes. On dealing with the mutual relationship between accounting standards and tax law, the authority of tax law should never be ignored in spite of the fact that the formulation of accounting principles and rules in China should be relatively independent. To seek the completeness and strictness of taxation accounting is the basic requirement for strengthening the justness of taxation codes. Third, the theoretical and practical significanc...
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