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On Improving China's Provincial Economy Competence

Posted on:2004-01-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360095453635Subject:Political economy
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With the quick-moving economy globalization, and the more complicated and intense competion, the regional competence becomes the fundermental and decisive force. Studies on regional competition, especially strategies research to improve competence in under-developed region, as a core study, have aroused the worldwide attention. Therefore, based on theoretical and practical results from internal and external studies of regional competence, taking China's under-developed provinces as samples, instructed by the West Development Stratagy, backgrounded by the economy globalization, through systematic research of basic theories, mechanism and resolutions to the regional competence, the article tries to establish a theory structure on the competence improvement in China's under-developed region, which provides advices to decide the regional competence improvement for the central government and local government.The article takes the basic conception, competition of the under-developed province, as the research object, and explores theories and stratagy-choosing principle thereof, which makes a fundation for further studies. As the provincial competence emerges as a new conception to regional studies, and there is no widely accepted one at present, therefore, starts with distinguishing the following groups of related conceptions: region, economy region and the administrative region; developed and under-developed; under-developed region and under-developed province; regional competence and provincial competence, the article comes to its own definition on both the provincial competence and improvement thereof. Provincial competence refers to a provincial government's ability, under the authorization of the central government, to digest, transform, creat and allocate the regional rescources within the sphere, while the provincial competence improving refers as follows: the provincial government, by evaluate the inside and outside economy surroundings, chooses its own typical development stratagy, promotes the ability to absorb, transform and creat the inside and outside resources, thereafter to establish its own preponderance in some area.In light of competition thoery of Maxism, and the essence of regional economy and competion theory stemed from the western economy theory, the article makes a sys:ematic and profound analyse to improve economy in China's under-developed region. It focuses on regional economy theory, preponderance theory and competition theory, emphasizes problems about regional competetiveness and industry competence in the under-developed region, thus proposing the basic methods and principle to stratagize the competence in the region.The provincial competition is a comprehensive assessment on the present and future competence for a administrative region. It doesn't mean that we must choose and make an overall stratagy. Therefore, based on basic conceptions, theories, methods and principles discussed above, and in the light of industry and core competence, the article analyzes respectively a steady improvement and rapid improvement stratagy. It is impossible for the under-developed region to compete with other province in every field. Thus, the problem is that the under-developed region must finds its own typical field, and prerequisition thereof is to find and foster the regional distinctive features. Generally speaking, there usually are huge travelling resources in China's under-developed region. Thus it is the prominent choice for the governnment to develop tour indulstry. Due to history and nature background, there is a big gap in competence between the under-developed region and the developed one, but the it is not definite and permernant.Under circumstances, such disparity will vanish or change. With the development of economy and society, technology innovation will play a more important role in a industry structure. Only grasping the chances and challenges emergeing from economy globalization, based on intellectual property to make technology innovation, choosing the hi-tech as the...
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