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Since The Reform And Opening Up, China Deflation Thought

Posted on:2004-02-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360095462768Subject:History of economic thought
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The dissertation is a systematic survey and analysis of the thoughts of China's deflation since 1978. It is from the historic perspective of economic thoughts.The dissertation synthesize recent research in six subjects on causes of deflation since China's reform, according to the logic development of thoughts and China's characteristics. Before economists forming a common belief that there has deflation in China in 1999, the controversy is how to define deflation accurately. We discuss three representative points of view in detail. To better understand deflation, economists should have a clear mind of the criterion of deflation. We introduce criterion held by Yi Gang and other economists. We also analyze the effect of deflation on the economy and compare different views on it. After 1999, Economists pay much attention to causes of deflation and how to control it. How to control deflation is our main subject in this thesis, because it is the central issue in the debate. We formulate our own points, and analyze the policy application.Every subject in this essay reflects evolution of people's ideas. We can better understand the mechanism of deflation by combining the thoughts and economic reality.The dissertation reconsiders the thoughts of Chinese deflation. The thought systems of contemporary Chinese deflation show distinct features: phased, continuous, imitative and exploring development. In these systems there are also some theoretical flaws that cannot be neglected. For instance, some thoughts do not accord with China's domestic situation; there is a lack of research over the international deflation and the thoughts of the deflation, and so on. Based on this, the dissertation attempts a prospect of thoughts of contemporary Chinese deflation.
Keywords/Search Tags:deflation, effective demand, un-efficient supply, the theory of debt-deflation
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