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Study On Theory And Application Of Economic Value Added (EVA) In The Enterprise

Posted on:2004-06-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y N WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360095950501Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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After china joined WTO, their no customs barrier anymore, our domestic enterprises have to meet both abroad and native competition. In order to make good winning in the competition, they must be wise to gain competition advantage in human resource market by attracting, motivating and retaining senior persons with ability of management, who are the key for a top-ranking enterprise to win the competition. Furthermore, enterprises have to optimize their resource scheme flow, and to improve their performance measures and management system to ascertain, evaluate and tradeoff various strategic decision-making because measuring operating performance is a base problem in the motivating mechanism. But their present performance measures systems have obvious limitations, which are hard to make up by them. EVA provides a new method not only to win the new challenge but also to resolve the need of resource scheme and fortune increasing.At the same time, EVA provides a new method for new industry, evaluating stock value and assessing enterprise value with the rapid development of economic worldwide, biological technology and network economy, and with the establishing of second board market in China. But, what is EVA on earth?EVA is the abbreviation for Economic Value Added. It is a new term in enterprise management and financial accounting. The essence of EVA is that a enterprise can bring shareholder true value only that its return on capital is higher than all cost of capital to invest. Its obvious characteristic is emphasizing cost of capital, especially cost of interest capital. EVA is not only an effective operating performance measure guideline, but also a comprehensive enterprise management system, which is a reward motivating mechanism and the base of strategic evaluation, capital operation and so on.Because of its excellence in performance measure and management ideology, EVA has been adopted in many world famous corporations such as Coca-Cola, UPS, AT&T et al, which have get prominent effects. But EVA is a new concept in china. It is in an initial stage both theory research and practice explore. It is necessary for us to introduce this new advanced ideology and management method to our domestic enterprises to establish aapplicable EVA management system.The treatise's research object is theory and application of EVA in the enterprise. First, proceeding with the fundamental concepts of EVA, on the base of analysis of basic theory and method of EVA, the treatise finds its theory innovation, evaluates its advantages and limitations, and points out its improving ways. Next, by way of analysis of present enterprise performance measure system and present applied situation of EVA, as well as comparison of EVA vs. traditional measures, the treatise puts forward a design to establish a comprehensive EVA enterprise management system which includes financial motivation system, culture mindset system, enterprise management system and performance measurement system, which is the base of whole system. Last, the treatise designs an EVA model and method to measure enterprise performance by qualitatively and quantitatively analyzing application problem of EVA system in our domestic enterprise.On the guide of this thinking, the treatise consists of eight chapters:Chapter One Introduction. This chapter expounds the background, purpose, significance of the study, domestic and abroad research development, as well as thinking, methods and possible innovations of the research.Chapter Two The Fundamental Theory of EVA. This chapter starts with Chinese meaning of EVA, then analyses theories and connection of three fundamental concepts.Chapter Three The Inquiry of Basic Theory and Methods of EVA. Firstly, this chapter analyses the definition and calculation of EVA. Secondly, it compares EVA and other two close measure guideline -Market Value Added and Cash Value Added. Finally, it finds its four-theory innovation, evaluates its advantages and limitations, and points out its improving ways.Chapter Four The Analysi...
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